Importance of Ocean Conservation

Updated May 27, 2021

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Importance of Ocean Conservation essay

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Ocean conservation is a topic that is important, but often times overlooked. Ocean life contributes significantly to our ecosystem in more ways than just the ocean alone. A lot of the issues that have been occurring are often ignored because not enough awareness is raised about the topic. Many of the harmful aspects of ocean contamination are caused by humans themselves, and most of the time without any realization.

There is a lot of work to be done, and studies have shown that most of the damage is now irreversible, and that is why, at the present time more than ever, action needs to be taken, starting with providing information and supporting different organization groups that are currently working on protecting, and keeping people informed on the current critical state of the ocean.

Our ocean has been increasingly in more trouble, and according to an article in 2015 by Carl Safina and Sarah Chasisdecades, “the oceans have been suffering from a variety of escalating insults for decades.”, and even though it goes unnoticed or it may not be the main interest for many people, there are a number of reasons why we should be more concerned. The past few years climate change has been worsening because of various human activities which are causing high levels of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere.

Ocean acidification, pollution and trash dumping have also been becoming a worsening problem for us and ocean life. Some people believe that ocean conservation projects and organizations are not worth it because they are too costly and take long periods of time to really to see any results, but the truth is that they are more than necessary, and it is important to keep people informed on this subject and on the damage that could be caused in the future not just for ocean life but for us here on land.

Coral reefs, fish and shelled animals are suffering because of ocean acidification, the current imbalance of Ph in the ocean is also damaging coral reefs and slowly melting the shells of many calcium-based creatures, which will in the long term affect the food chain as well as the aesthetics of our ocean since coral reefs are also decaying.

The importance of keeping the ocean clean, cutting back on harmful fumes that cause atmosphere damage, and overall conserving our ocean is vital for the entire world, and shedding some light on this subject is the best way to begin the reconstructing and bettering of our ocean.

Carbonic acid is one of the main contributing factors of ocean acidification. In an article by national geographic it is stated that “fossil fuel-powered machines have driven an unprecedented burst of human industry and advancement. The unfortunate consequence, however, has been the emission of billions of tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gases into Earth’s atmosphere”. The very damaging CO2 gasses are altering the waters natural chemistry and in doing so affecting all different types of organisms in the ocean.

Importance of Ocean Conservation essay

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