Updated February 6, 2021

Importance of Dreaming

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Importance of Dreaming essay
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Who knows maybe Meghan Markle once dreamed of being a princess like many other young girls and here she is now married to a prince, while some adolescent girls are being told to be realistic and put their tiaras away? Growing up I watched a lot of cartoons and shows and I realized many movies now especially those for a younger audience fail to show the importance of dreaming big, they emphasize on many other important values but always seem to lack that of dreams. In frozen the main themes were kindness and love, but there are many more values and life lessons to be learnt.

For instance, a recurring character ‘Olaf’ showed the value of dreaming big. One of my core beliefs and values I have had from Olaf is to dream big. I have always believed in chasing dreams no matter how big the dream may be, to me dreams are what keeps the world moving and people’s hearts beating. To disparage a child for a dreaming too big is wicked, it is part of a child’s genetic fiber to dream big because they do not have such limitation that adults do holding them back. One of my favorite quotes which is by Ellen Johnson sir leaf says, ‘If your dreams don’t scare you, they are not big enough”.

Olaf had the big dream of being able to finally experience summer despite being a snowman, he had that naive dreams that many kids now lack including me. I always dreamt of being an a-list actress but from an early age I was told it was impossible, and for acting to be a plan b. I was also told to focus on becoming something more like a doctor. However, watching Olaf strongly believe that he could experience summer taught me I should not be knocked down for my dreams no matter how impossible it may seem. Dreams builds character and gives me a future to look forward to.

Dreaming for me goes deeper than wishing a wild fantasy, it involves holding on tight to a vision of a better life, gives hope for when I cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel. Frozen brought back many memories I did not know I still remembered; it was more than an animated movie to me. I remember going home thinking that day what would have happened if I was allowed to dream a little and was not knocked down so fast. I then realized at the age of 11 that most of my life has been filled with what ifs and what could have been and that is not how I ever want to live my life. Life is not meant to be lived in wonder it should be lived to the fullest and without fear. Olaf finally got to experience summer thanks to Elsa who put a snow cloud over him.

Six years later and now I am seventeen, currently enrolled in acting school online while in college studying computer science. Watching frozen all those years ago made me see the bigger picture and made me understand I do not have forever, if a snowman could experience summer then I can become an actress. My many dreams that I once tucked away are now in my planner this year. I have started to believe in myself even if no one could and it is crazy it took a fictional animated movie for me to realize that.

Importance of Dreaming essay

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