Imagine the Future of Humanity

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The future is something we’re all intrigued about. So what does mankind have in store for later? Let’s take a look:

  • Machines may permanently replace people as employees

Already, a lot of our jobs are outsourced to machines. But with machines getting smarter with each passing day, it looks like the future is pretty bleak for humans a few hundred years into the future.

  • Extinct animals may come back to life

Researchers and doctors are making massive headway in processes like cloning and 3D printing these days. In fact, we already have the basic technological capability to bring extinct animal species back to life. This has led some scientists to predict that we may see dinosaurs, sabre-tooth tigers, and wooly mammoths in our zoos one day.

  • Machines will help you communicate with the dead

VR and AI may be in their nascent stages now. But soon, they’ll be capable of things beyond our comprehension. One of the predicted developments in the field of VR and AI is clairvoyance (sort of). AI technology will allow individuals to download realistic memories from people’s minds and store them in devices. These devices can then be used to relive old memories and interact with deceased loved ones.

  • We may move to Mars

Mars travel has been a hot topic for more than a decade. Today, we have many countries whose satellites and spacecraft orbit the red planet. But there may soon come a time when we may need to abandon the Earth and head someplace else. This place would be Mars. From Elon Musk’s SpaceX to Amazon’s Blue Origins, absolutely everyone is trying to establish a world on Mars. Stephen Hawking even predicted in 2017 that we have less than 100 years to get everything in place to initiate a world-wide movement to the red planet.

  • Humans may die out in the next 10,000 years

Rising levels of pollution coupled with uncontrolled climate change and shrinkage of water & food resources is slowly making the Earth an inhospitable place. This has led some scientists to theorise that homo sapiens (and many other species) may become extinct as early as in the next 10,000 years, if action isn’t taken immediately.

  • Homo sapiens may not survive, but humans would

Other scientists are a little more optimistic. They believe that while we may not live beyond the next few millennia, there will still be a human species around. The reason – genetics & technology. Some scientists believe that the next step in human evolution will go beyond the biological and will also involve the technological. It is theorised that future generations of humans may be part-humans and part-machine. Technology will augment our bodies and support us in ways beyond our current imagination. From pills that can detect cancer to chips that can help us communicate with each other through thoughts, everything will be possible.

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