Human Resources Intern

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Job Analysis Interview

As the Human Resources Intern there are many different tasks I am responsible for. This includes assisting in the recruiting process by screening applicants, scheduling and conducting phone screens, processing background checks, scheduling assessments, and scheduling interviews with candidates and hiring managers. I am also responsible for preparing offer letters, creating and posting job postings, and inputting new, transfer, or promoted employees into our database. Additionally, the HR Intern assists in maintaining all employee files and employee event planning and supports the HR department as needed. Lastly, I am responsible for registering and facilitating plans for career fairs and planning events for the rest of the interns throughout the internship program.

In order to do my job, I work with the HR Generalists and HR Specialist to update them on applicants in the recruiting process and assist in other areas of the department as needed. I also work in SuccessFactors, our recruiting software, every day when I am working on the recruiting process as well as in Dayforce, where we store employee information, when I am inputting employee data. Furthermore, I use various Microsoft Office programs such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. The biggest responsibility of my position includes updating the open job requisitions in SuccessFactors to ensure applicants are being moved throughout the recruiting process. I am also responsible for working on the internship program for the rest of the interns at the company and planning events for all of us. In addition, I am partly responsible for keeping employee files and new hire checklists updated. I work on most of these tasks daily but spend the most time working in the recruiting process.

There are many different types of knowledge, skills, and abilities that are required for this position. First, it is crucial to have knowledge of human resources and what the department does in an organization. This includes knowledge of the recruiting process, employee systems, and compensations and benefits. Second, it is important to have customer services knowledge in order to be able to properly communicate with employees, customers, and applicants. In addition, it is important to have knowledge of computer systems and applications. Furthermore, there are several skills that I must perform for my position.

This includes effective communication, critical thinking, listening, and time management skills. It is important to perform all these skills with ease and precision. Moreover, my position requires many abilities. It is important for the HR Intern to have both excellent written and oral abilities, as well as adequate problem-solving abilities. As the HR Intern there are certain instructions that I must follow to ensure I perform my job correctly. These instructions are simple and consist of keeping information confidential and going through the recruiting process in the correct steps to ensure each applicant receives the same and correct assessments. It is also important to have interpersonal skills for this position in order to communicate with employees and applicants.

This position also has some management responsibilities when doing tasks with the other interns. The HR Intern is expected to organize things and make sure everything is going smoothly. Additionally, this position requires good vision since a person in this role works on the computer frequently and is working with information that needs to be accurate and precise.

Furthermore, this position requires you to sit for long periods of time. There is typically not much time spent standing daily, however at career fairs a person in this position is on their feet for a few hours. This position does not require a very high degree of physical activity since I am mostly sitting at a desk. However, when putting on events it may require me to carry boxes and be on my feet for extended periods of time.

The physical working environment for this position is an office setting in a corporate office building. The HR department consists of HR Operations and Learning and Development and the HR Intern primarily works with the operations side. It is a very collaborative, comfortable, and friendly work environment. It can also be fast-paced and requires multi-tasking. The position is inside and does not require you to encounter any potentially hazardous work conditions.

In this position, the typical working incidents can vary. It requires me to use my personal viewpoint to interpret an applicant’s feelings, ideas, or facts. It also requires me to interpret a hiring manager’s feeling about an applicant. When it comes to recruiting in this position, I sometimes have to express my opinion about a candidate to a hiring manger which can occasionally influence their judgement of others if I did not have a good experience with them.

Moreover, it requires me to work closely with the HR Generalists and HR Specialist on many tasks. It also requires me to work with various managers in the organization when working in recruiting. This position does require that I do repetitive work such as sending assessments to applicants, scheduling interviews, and inputting employee information. However, while performing phone interviews repeatedly is the same task, each one is different.

This position also requires me to work fast at times when working to get applicants scheduled in a short period of time. It also requires that I have attention to detail to ensure I input the correct employee information, make sure certain appointments are private, and keep confidential information secure. Additionally, this position requires multitasking skills. I may be working on one task and have a HR Generalist give me a job that is more high priority. It is important to be able to handle multiple responsibilities and be able to switch from one task to another while staying organized.

For this position, I assist in creating the job requisition at the beginning of every week to update the HR department and hiring managers on the status of the open positions. In this position I have daily tasks such as working in the recruiting system that I do not need instructions for. However, for other tasks I typically receive an email instructing me to do something or are verbally told to complete a task. In this position I assist all the HR Generalists, the HR Specialist, and the HR Coordinator when needed. Although, I work most frequently with the HR Generalist in charge of recruiting and the HR Generalist in charge of planning corporate events. I interact with the HR Generalist in charge of recruiting every day.

O*Net Job Comparison

Since this is an intern position, there was not a job that exactly matched the job description. However, the job that most closely matches this position is a Human Resources Specialist. After looking at the summary and details listed for a HR Specialist on O*Net there are many similarities between that position and the HR Intern position. The main difference is that the HR Specialist position has more job duties and tasks that it is responsible for compared to the HR Intern.

The major differences include that the HR Specialist is responsible for employee relation issues, employee orientation, explaining human resources policies, conducting exit interviews, and maintaining human resource documents such as org charts and the employee handbook (Human Resource Specialists, n.d.). Despite that, the HR Specialist description on O*Net describes most of the major parts of the HR Intern position including the various tasks associated with the recruiting process and maintaining employee records.

After looking over the O*Net job description there are a few things listed that I hadn’t thought of during my interview. One aspect I had not thought of was knowledge of clerical skills such as creating forms and office terminology. In addition, I hadn’t specifically thought about coordination skills and service orientation (Human Resource Specialists, n.d.). I think these skills are all important to the HR Intern role. Furthermore, I hadn’t thought of being able to have deductive reasoning when solving a problem in order to produce the correct solution.

When comparing the two positions there are a few different tasks that I think may be more important to the HR Specialist role than they are to the HR Intern role. For example, the O*Net description has interpreting human resource policies as one of the highly important tasks for the position, whereas that is not as important for the HR Intern role. In addition, interviewing applicants to obtain information from them is important to the HR Specialist role, however, I think for the HR Intern role it would be rated as being more important. Despite these differences, maintaining employee records and working on new employee paperwork are both highly important for both positions and both roles have many similarities.


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What does a human resources intern do?
A human resources intern typically performs a variety of tasks to support the human resources department, such as screening job candidates, conducting interviews, and onboarding new employees.
What does HR trainee do?
A HR trainee is responsible for the recruitment and selection process of new employees. They also provide support and guidance to employees regarding HR policies and procedures.
What skills are needed for HR intern?
The skills needed for HR intern are: 1. Communication skills 2. Organizational skills
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