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Unpaid Internships

Introduction Internships were first apprenticeships from craftsmen and tradesmen, eventually developing into a way for students to get real-world experience in the industries they are interested in. Now, internships are seen as a prerequisite to full-time positions, and students are turning to unpaid positions to boost their resume for future career growth. Now, over 60%…



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Unpaid Internship lead to Inequality

Having an internship on one’s resume is integral to getting a career in today’s job market. Without an internship, an employer will most likely deem the applicant inexperienced, incompetent, or unqualified. Because of this, the number of internships has risen in the past few decades. The Department of Labor defines an internship as “a formal…



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Internship at Brooklyn Community Service; A Personal Reflection 

The purpose of this essay is to highlight my experiences at Brooklyn Community Services to shed light upon key learning experiences that can contribute to a holistic educational experience. In this essay I will first describe my goals and expectations. Next, I will go into detail about my daily routine and how these exercises contributed…



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Is Unpaid Internship Good or Bad?

The levels of unpaid internship in the U.S. is continuously raising, which also happens at the international level. A lot of debates are revolving around whether the unpaid internship is exploitation or an opportunity to gain valuable experience. While some are certain that this type of job presents financial challenges, others claim that internship is…



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Internships as Organizational Strategy

In employer’s prospect, hiring from Internship pool is more efficient that hiring from standard resume pool from the market. Employees converted through Internships has more retention rate and less turnover. Voluntary employee turnover is expensive. Companies that successfully retain the best and brightest employees save money and protect their intellectual capital. Traditional approaches to understanding…


Organizational Structure

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Internship for Sociology

I have completed three and a half months of my internship at American Red Cross. I have worked 116 hours and I got this internship through the CUNY Service Corps. I still need 134 hours in order to get the 250 hours that I am required to take as part of the service program. In…



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Reflection on Internship Experience at Department of Agriculture

When applying for internships I was worried I would not be a to find a position in the field of agriculture genetics and research, as those positions are usually filled by individuals with graduate degrees, pHds, masters and post-doctoral students. Fortunately, I contracted a position with the United States Department of Agriculture-Agriculture Research Service (USDA-ARS)…


Internship Experience

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Positive Effects of My Internship Experience in IT

My name is Fatima Ejaz and my major is Cyber Security. I am a junior at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. My internship story started last year in September when I got selected for the internship program at Tennessee Valley Authority. This internship has helped me to grow as a person not only at…

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Internship Experience

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Connection between Internship Experience and Academic Research

Abstract Internship programs play a vital role in learning job-related skills and expertise that is not taught in a classroom setting. Studies have recommended for workplaces to tightly link their internship programs to academic research so that the honed skills are aligned to anticipated accomplishment goals. In the field of accountancy, there are multifaceted roles…


Internship Experience

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My Internship Experience at Chesterfield CASA

This semester at VCU, I have been interning with Chesterfield CASA. CASA stands for court appointed special advocates. Although my internship experience just started in March, I have been involved with Chesterfield CASA since October. In order to become a volunteer I had to complete eight weeks of training. I have really enjoyed being a…


Internship Experience

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