How We Can Trying to Stop Human Trafficking

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As many of you all know already, walmart, apple, and victoria secret are very famous companies and get a lot business. What people do not know is that those three companies and not just those but many more other companies benefit off of slave labor. What would help stop that is implement a boycott campaign against those companies. By that meaning is that is to target or to indicate a moral outrage and to try to compel the target the alter an objectionable behavior. The first thing by doing that is doing an advertisement because it would get noticed more.

Having advertisement would most likely get the customers attention and would cause people to stop buying from those stores. Not only in stores but in different states as well, like in africa. In africa the estimated number of victims of forced labor is 660,000 . signs that someone has been trafficked can be hard and not obvious at all. You might start noticing unusual behavior and the person might be distancing their self from events and family as well.

By starting off with how to stop human trafficking is starting a boycott like i said. Stand in front of walmart, victoria secret, apple and anywhere else where they might be benefiting off of slave labor. Stand there signs and let the people know what slave labor is and the harm it does to people. Also another thing would be by not shopping there. If these companies notice that they are losing business by benefiting off slave labor they might do something about it and not benefit off of them anymore.

Start an online campaign, millions of people use social media and are more likely to come across this topic. Lots of people would like to help online and even argue the fact that slave labor is wrong and something that shouldn’t be happening. Nestle is one of the biggest companies that has carried out human rights violations all around the world. They claim that 70 percent of nestles farmers were not trained on the prohibition of forced labor.

Create a company that is effectively working towards an end to human trafficking. Try to avoid companies that have remained silent on the disclosure. Make a hotline where people could call anonymously to get help and Argue to people and tell them the bad things about all of this. Have people protest in the streets and spread awareness to those who don’t understand how serious human trafficking and slave labor really is. It is really easy to try to ignore people who are involved in it and who try to get you involved but it is also easier to try to get you to become a part of it.

Many of theses things will help stop human trafficking in many different ways. It will help it stop it by not supporting that and by that is not shopping at the stores or companies that benefit off of it. Doing a boycott and advertisement would show people the bad things about the company and make them second guess themselves before purchasing stuff from there.

Trafficking is often entangled with people smuggling, immigration and asylum, prostitution and other forms of organized crimes. This may occur by the border as well which is very common and it may take variety of forms. The first step to prevent human trafficking and prosecuting is to recognize the ways of the crime which can not be be easily be put together that fast. Getting signs and posters would get people to notice them and actually take part in trying to stop human trafficking.

By doing that we can have anti-trafficking strategies to be fixed in every police area, by bettering female education in source in countries so that girls wouldn’t have to even think about being involved in human trafficking. “We need everyone to be aware of aware of how it affects them, and what they can do to stop it,” Said Ruth Dearnley. There are so many ways to stop it but people to take action and make an effort into actually doing something about it. Instead we have people working for less and getting abused by all of these companies. Not only can we do signs but other things too, way more needs to be done.

A lot of people don’t know or do not even care what human trafficking is or what it is capable of to doing to humans. “The fact that over half of all the victims of human trafficking are under eighteen empowers young people to realize the importance of their potential to prevent this illicit trade,” said Ruth Dearnley. What I understood by that is that he is trying to say that young women are the most affected by this and have so much ahead of them to be involved in these such things called human trafficking. Start community activities, which brings together people of a community to find ways to stop it.

People have plenty of ideas and bringing the community together will bring all kinds of ideas and this aims to gather information about human trafficking for sexual exploitation in local communities. “A third central focus is our chocolate campaign, which is informed by the fact that more than a third of the world’s cocoa comes from Côte d’Ivoire, where child trafficking and forced labor has been widely documented and acknowledged by international inactivities, such as the international cocoa initiative,” said Ruth Dearnley.

All of these companies affect millions of people and we are supporting them by purchasing from the company. We need to let people know not to give them their money, let them know the harm it is causing young children and even adults. This chocolate campaign encourages people to help spread awareness about the child trafficking that is going on in the cocoa industry and help people become aware of the serious harm that it can do.

By following all these examples and actually taking part in trying to stop human trafficking, all of these examples and coming together as a community we can hope to end these horrifying ways of human trafficking. Charity is also a very big and helpful example that i did not not mention. Charity with over thousands of individuals around the world helping stop this nightmare because I know that there’s is a lot of people who refuse to tolerate slave labor and human trafficking and we are doing the most that we can to try and put a stop to it.


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