How Does Social Media Affect Interpersonal Communication? Personal Essay

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In today’s society, social media is gravely affecting how people interact. Interpersonal communication is changing everyday due to social media. Research says, it is changing every aspect of how humans communicate. Social media negatively affects interpersonal communication by the lack of face-to-face interactions and the decrease in language skills, emotional connections, and personal relations.

Studies have shown that the use of social media has decreased *the* lack of face-to-face communications among humans. Currently, around 322 million United States citizens use a smartphone. Out of the 322 million, over 206 million use social media. Therefore, statistics have shown that 73% of the United States acquires social media. With those statistics increasing, research says it is negatively affecting face-to-face communication (“The Negative Impacts”). Research has shown that the propensity of how people communicate is through social media.

Social media is negatively affecting face-to-face communication. With no active face-to-face communication, it starts to assert the lack of humans ability to engage. “Some studies have shown the rise of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is directly associated with the overuse of social media, as our brain easily loses focus due to ongoing demands for our attention.” The use of social media is causing people to lack engagement and focus. Through research, one statistic showed that the use of social media is preferred as a way to communicate among millennials; averaging at 75% (Hanke, Stacy). Multiple studies are showing that the use of social media is negatively affecting face-to-face communication.

Social media is affecting language skills. Research has shown that without verbal communication it will change the way humans interpret interpersonal communication. One study showed that 90% of communication is displayed through body language, eye engagement and the tone of voice (“Social Media’s Affect on Human Interaction”). With nonverbal communication none of your points can come across clearly without the use of body, eye, and voice engagement. “People can no longer connect with others in the same manner that many are used to in the real world.” (“The Negative Impacts”) In one study, a group of children were put together in a camp for a couple of days. Each child had to go without the use of any form of digital communication.

By the time the days were up, the study showed that without the use of digital communication the children could clearly read nonverbal cues, and develop social skills. The research concluded that electronic communication affects the developing skills of reading nonverbal communication (The Impact of Social Media Use). A study illustrated that about 11% of adults make regular post on facebook over the weekend portraying what their doing or how much fun their having. But in reality, they are not doing any of those “activities”, and instead missing out on real life experiences (Effects of Social Media on Communication Skills). With the use of social media, it is affecting humans nonverbal communication and social skills.

Emotional connections is being affected by the use of social media. The use of social media is affecting humans interpersonal communication by developing the lack of emotional connection. Research says that with the high usage of social media it causes a decrease in forming emotion. A study put together illustrated that out of the group of people the ones who spent a less amount of time on social media had stronger and effective connections among other people. The other

half of the people who were more subjective to social media were less happy, depressed, and lonely (“Is Social Media Making You Lonely?”).Studies have shown that with the use of social media it will affect the ability of making real, emotional connections. By using social media less, research states that humans emotional connections will be more effective. One article shows with the new advances in technology and social media people are more prone to sending an “emoji’ and then feeling no emotion while using the form of technology (V, Anita). Humans lose their personal touch. People lose their effectiveness in how they express emotion. Children are finding it difficult to have much depth in personal communication; rather opposed to easy conversations held online (“The Negative Impacts”). Research clearly states social media affects humans emotional connections. Without a strong emotional connection, it is negatively influencing interpersonal communication.

Social media is affecting personal relations. Social media is decreasing the number of relationships. A study asserted that the future generation of people compared to the past generations are currently not able to maintain friends due to the excessive use of social media. The overuse of social media is causing personal relationships to no longer operate in the way it is supposed to. Personal relationships should have a real, sincere, and true quality (Effects of Social Media on Relationships). Research says that while using social media you are less likely to have a real, qualified relationship. Booth states, “So while we’re communication more, we may not necessarily be building relationships as strongly”(Effects of Social Media on Relationships and Communication | O Clarim). Assistant professor of communication studies, Nicholas David Bowman, presumes that actions that precipitate poor relationships online through social media

are more like to be the exact ones that participate the relationships in real life. The constant use of social media is affecting trust in a personal relationship. Research is discovery that people are becoming less trustworthy and reliable due to excessive use of social media. Social media is lessening the trust and quality of a relationship. Studies have shown that the use of social media causes less trust in a relationship. With so many forms of social media it is easy to lessen the quality of a relationship.

“Technology can be a big hindrance on interpersonal relationships,”Daniels said.“For all its benefits, technology can completely rewrite a child’s brain pathways in a very different way than how they would normally develop.” “Their neural pathways change and different ones are created. It affects concentration, self-esteem, in many cases they don’t have as deeply personal relationships, Daniels said. “They lose empathy. We’ve seen kids like this that don’t develop those sympathetic and empathetic skills they need”(Johnson, Chandra).

One statistic shows that around 50% of people say social media has caused a obstructed relationship. About another 80% said social media caused deceivement from a partner which led to a less trusting relationship (Silva, Clarissa). Since social media, personal relationships have decreased. Personal relationships have changed for the worse due to the means of technology.

By lack of face-to-face interactions, and the decrease in language skills, emotional connections, and personal relations are all contributing to the negative effects social media has on interpersonal communication. Today and tomorrow’s social media is only going to worsen. Many studies have put together that social media is damaging to humans interactions. Research has concluded that social media is negatively affecting interpersonal communication.

As to my opinion, I agree with almost everything I have researched. Technology is only going to get worse. Our world is open to so many evil things, and social media is at the top of it. Social media is affecting the way we communicate. Newer generations would rather text and email rather than meet in person. Social media just comes off as a easier to way to stay in touch. But is it really better for us?

I would have to say no. Social media is currently ruining interpersonal relationships. With such an excessive use of social media it is weakening our face-to-face interactions, decreasing our language skills, emotional connections, and personal relations. My opinion is we need to just learn to get off our phones every once in a while. Yes, it is helpful in communication, but with real-life communication you can get your point across clearly. Unlike social media, as to where you have to use an emoji to have your point clearly displayed. So yes, I agree with all my research I concluded. Social media is negatively affecting interpersonal communication.

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