Negative Impacts of Social Media on Adolescents

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Have you ever had a negative experience while being on social media? Social Media has been around for quite some time now. For those who may not know what Social Media may be, it is a form of electronic communication where users can communicate through a screen. Social Media has existed as far back to the 1970’s where the “first social media site” first emerged named “Six Degrees”. Many users use Social Media sites to connect with other users across the world. You may know or use some of these sites on a regular basis like: Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Youtube etc. Those who don’t use any form of social media in other words is being able to communicate through these sites with users similar to you. Although, Social media can have negative attributes to name a few: Cyberbullying, Harassment, Body shaming etc. Social Media has had its negative impacts on adolescents. Therefore, the community needs to make social media by creating a safer atmosphere.

Bullying has always been seen as confrontation face-to-face among Adolescents (Byme, Par.1). Cyber bullying is similar to face-to-face bullying but is known as “Internet Bullying” which is psychologically tormenting for the victim (Byme, Par. 4). In the article “Rise Of The Cyberbully Demands New Rules it is stated that “ Usually such bullying takes the form of inappropriate and hurtful e-mails, instant messages, or text messages, or website posts involving threats or rumors” (Rise Of The, Par. 3). The quote from the article is stating that cyberbullying is not always on social media websites but also throughout the entire internet world. Cyberbullying can affect victims in many different ways. In Edwards article it is explained how “ Typical victims are more anxious and insecure; they also suffer from low self-esteem” (Edwards, Par. 5). This is able to give anyone unaware of cyber bullying a better understanding of the possible affects that contribute to adolescents. To make being on the internet safer I would recommend reaching out to someone if this is happening to you or someone you know.

Social Media has become a platform where instead of communicating face-to-face users are now just simply sending a text message or updating their status. Sometimes being on social media for a long time may cause people to become very antisocial to the world around them. For example, whenever you go out in public what do you usually see? You may see people on their phones while walking or while having dinner etc. In the article Is your phone making you clueless? Man misses whale from two feet away , quoted Nancy Gibbs by saying that “ It is a form of sustenance, that constant feed of news and notes and nonsense, to the point that twice as many people would pick their phone over their lunch if forced to choose” (Laine, Par. 9).

This quote is referring to cell phones as well as social media because people would rather know what is happening to other people instead of cherishing the moment they are living in. The result of people always using social media or their cell phones can be harmful due to the fact that people are not focusing in real life. . A person would rather be on their cell phones or social media instead of living in the moment (Laine). Therefore, as a result many people are losing sight of the bigger picture around them which is nature and the world.

The media has a negative impact on body image as to reasons being that it’s being portrayed on different platforms what the “ideal body type” is. For example, Instagram is a major platform that many people, of any age, are influenced by in light of the fact that they see different influencers and ask themselves, “Why can’t I have a body like that?”. In the article Social Media Effects on Young Women’s Body Image Concerns: Theoretical Perspectives and an Agenda for Research is stating,’”A model is proposed that emphasizes the impact of predisposing individual vulnerability characteristics, social media uses, and mediating psychological processes on body dissatisfaction and eating disorders “(Perloff, Par. 1).

The impact it has on young women is causing them to have negative thoughts about their body and the result of that is eating disorders, as the article stated. Same thing applies for males, it causes them to have many insecurities. In the Netflix Documentary Miss Representation it is mentioned that “ Girls get the message early on that what’s important is how they look that their value, their worth, depends on that. And boys get the message that this is what’s important about girls “. Miss Representation is a documentary about how females are rarely seen in a position of power or leadership. Social media is made for entertainment, but is now being seen in a way that makes both females and males feel self-conscious about their body image.

Although social media may have a negative impact on society, it also has done some good throughout. For example, Social media has been an outlet for many users to communicate with each other whether it be for school projects, with family, or to meet people who are similar to them around the world. I, myself have family who doesn’t live in the country or who may also live a couple hours away. However, with social media being around and many people being able to use it of all ages it is easier for my family and I to keep in touch by a click away. Social media has also been helpful in the characteristic building in Adolescents.

In the article Urban & Online: Social Media Use among Adolescents and Sense of Belonging to a Super-Diverse City , quoted that “The online environment offers a place where adolescents can test boundaries in their social environment, seeking approval in the process, which helps them in building self-esteem and identity–an essential part of adolescent development” (van Eldik et al.). This quote explains how not only is it essential for adolescents to grow their self esteem but also the identity realization. Therefore, social media has created an outlet for users to grow and communicate online without having fear. All things considered, Social media will exist for a long time. Therefore, the community surrounding the internet world should make an effort to make the internet a safer atmosphere for others who use Social media. Some ways you may help is by making sure cyberbullying or body shaming isn’t being done online.

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