Future Self Letter

Updated April 29, 2021

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Future Self Letter essay

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Dear Future Self,

In regards to my appearance, I would say that I feel that there are many characteristics that define who I am as a person. Some morals that I try to incorporate into my character and behavior such as non-violence, honesty, humility, generosity, perseverance, and patience. I also believe in respecting your elders and valuing education.

I believe in a lot of things and many relate to how we should always stay positive as it helps to get to where we want to be. I always try to stay positive and think that everything will be sorted out and everything will be fine. he last thing I value is how fortunate I am to have the life I have and I should give back to the people who do not have the life I do.

Personality wise, I feel I am pretty open and confident. This part of me has made me so different from my sister, and some of my friends tend to gravitate to my sister because she agrees with them all the time while I speak out. I’m not a complete extrovert, but I’m not antisocial either. Usually, I am a cheerful and happy person and I love to make people smile when they are feeling down. I also like to not worry too much about things, so I would call myself a mostly carefree person. Lastly, I am pretty optimistic and love staying optimistic about my future.

I would say I’m a pretty artistic person. I have always loved painting and drawing as well as dance and music. I used to not do any sports but I got interested in tennis and now love to play tennis as well. I have learned how to play 2 instruments, piano and trumpet, but my heart is always drawn to dance and art. The exposure I have had with the fine arts made me able to appreciate and understand them better.

I don’t like overcrowding my schedule as I like to have some “me” time, but sometimes it happens. I also love seeing my family because most of them don’t live close by and so seeing them makes me happy. One thing, I absolutely hate it when people call me by my sister’s name, Sattvika, as I feel that I am a different person and that I should have a separate identity from her. Overall, I just love the arts and spending time with myself and family.

Reflecting back on 2018, there have been many events that have made it a special year. The first change was that you were entering high school. This was a big change as you had to start all over from the bottom of the class standings and work your way up to being a senior. The next change was that most of your friends that you had met in middle school were going to Homestead for high school. This probably forced you to stick with the people you knew and try to make new friends along the way.

The third change was that you used to take 6 classes at the end of 8th grade, and you cut 2 classes due to the amounts of schoolwork you would get in coming years. I felt that over the course of this year, you started to become more confident in yourself and that showed not just by interactions, but in dance as well. This confidence that you had helped you start off your freshman year, or at least get through the first month. Your confidence may have faltered here and there over the course of that month but you were able to regain it.

I still do not know what to expect from the years I have left, but I do have some hopes and goals that I hope you would have accomplished. In terms of academics, I always wanted to be a straight A student, but as long as you try your best in every year, I would be proud. Another goal in terms of academics is that you improve your writing skills, especially in essays. Your writing was not that strong throughout middle school, so hopefully, it will be better than what is in this letter.

Lastly, a goal you should have reached was becoming less judgemental and have more of an open mindset because I know that in the past you have judged people thinking they did something bad without thinking about their intentions. As for being open-minded, it’s going to help you, as you said no to things upfront without actually thinking about it first.

My prediction in terms of academics for when you are reading this letter is that you would. In regards to your personal growth, I feel that you would be more decisive, meaning that you would be able to make better decisions faster instead of contemplating over the same subject for a long time. Maybe when you are reading this you’ll wonder why you wrote this and I will state now that this was for your Lit/Writ class in freshman year.

Do you even remember writing this letter? Or even what your freshman year was like? I feel like when you read this you should considering doing this for college after being in college for a month. My final piece of advice for you is “Nobody’s perfect. I’m nobody” meaning that even though you may be striving to be perfect, you are already perfect because you are a perfect nobody in your own way. Good luck in the future!

Future Self Letter essay

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