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Arnio Welding Company Analysis

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Locally operated and owned for about 25 years in Central Village, CT, Arnio Welding LLC Welding and Fabrication is a small manufacturing company known for their welding specialists and custom fabrication creations. This business was started 25 years ago in a garage, and now by operating a 15,000-square foot factory, many can tell customer satisfaction…

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Cloud Computing on Practice

Pages 3 (674 words)

Cloud Computing

Computer Science

Information Technology

I am currently functioning as a Senior Quality Assurance Engineer for the CSAA Insurance Group (Client). We are developing an application that can give our customers better client care and UI to get their announcements for their methodologies through a new selenium java-based automation framework. In this task, I would like to discuss concepts that…

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Cookies and Privacy

Pages 2 (460 words)

Internet Privacy


The web browsers play an important role in our daily interaction with the computer. Social networking, web searches, visiting different websites, all these activities would bring up the subject of privacy and how our actions are being tracked on the web browsers. You are tracked on web with the tracking cookies. Your browsing habits are…

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Edward Snowden and Issue of Computer Security

Pages 3 (634 words)

Cyber Security

Edward Snowden

Abstract The case study presented here underlines the policies that are in general desecrated and address the policies which need to prevent the violations from occurring in future events. Introduction A part time contractor was able to gain unauthorized access to sensitive and confidential material due to the lax security policies and controls. Hence it…

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Tips to Remove your Smartphone from a Water Damage

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Smartphones have become way of life and we are hooked with it 24×7. Therefore the device that gets to stay with us for this long is prone to encounter certain accidents and get damaged while in use. The most common of all the damages is water damage. Any electronic stuff that encounter water damage may…

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Information Technology Outsourcing

Pages 13 (3 126 words)

Information Technology

Introduction Outsourcing in recent years has been considered highly enigmatic as it is hard for companies to entrust their extremely valuable activities to another company or third party. It genuinely depends on who you ask as whether they personally feel that outsourcing benefits their company or hurts their company overall. “Outsourcing is the contracting out…

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Who is Edward Snowden?

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Edward Snowden


Dear Emma Gonzalez, My name is Peyton Thompson and I am an eighteen-year-old first year student at Daytona State College. I am currently in the honors program known as ‘QUANTA’ which is “a learning community designed to offer an alternative to regular college classes for highly motivated students who value academic achievement and want the…

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Why Do People Need Research

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Science And Technology

Particularly to do a research first should understand the importance of a research, why, what are the procedures and how it’s done. Marvasti (2004) pointed out to the understanding of the research and research in society in the first chapter; A research is designed to be organized, Systematic, discipline approach to answer questions about experiences…

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Protection of Confidential Information in Companies

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Information is a vital company asset. It sets us apart from our competition and drives our daily activities and decisions. You play a role in protecting our confidential information by controlling how you use it, store it, and communicate it. If you use or have access to confidential information, you are required to safeguard it…

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Online Scams Ethics Paper

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Every day there is somebody who is getting scammed by an online scam. Sometimes the end results from a scam could be very minor while other times it could be really devasting and it could mean losing money or even in some cases putting yourself in harm’s way. In many cases scams can seem really…

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Today, technology is continuing to advance at rates never seen before. Technological innovations are playing a significant role in our life, and have made our life easier by allowing us to carry out a wide range of tasks by using our portable devices. It’s amazing to look back and see just how far technology has improved from decades ago.

Furthermore, the growth in the technology and globalization helped people to connected to each other in different ways. For instance, some of this connection could be social, economical, environmentally, or even politically. Nowadays, with the growth of technology and social media we get inform about what is happening around us. For example, look at the use of Facebook, Instagram, snapchat or ext. As it happens, before people were use most of this social media to only post pictures and videos but these days we will see how people all around the world advertise for their business and by using the popular platforms try to make a rise in their market share. We should remember with the growth of the technology in the globalization even for applying for simple jobs such as being a cashier or working at the restaurants people need to send their resume online. “Eighty percent of Fortune 500 companies, including Walmart, Comcast, and McDonald’s, now only accept job applications online. Internet use is prevalent among 94 percent of jobholders across industries, including non-technology firms, big corporations, and small businesses” (Byrum 2015).

To conclude, technology give us the ability to be more informative and knowledgeable about the world. We live in a world that is becoming more adaptable to the advance teleology, in the way we have the ability to input the information into the programs and by using the technology and programming control what interests us. However, using the technology like any other aspects in our life has it’s owns pros and cons in our daily life. It is just the matter of how we are controlling the use of these gadgets.

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