Definition of Customer Service

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Customer service can be outlined in many ways, in line with ( stock & Lambert ,2001:98) customer service can be defined as the process of for providing significant value added benefits to the supply chain in a cost effective way. It is the process which takes place between the buyer, seller and the third party. The process result in a value added to the product or service exchanged. All customers should get the same level of service and in order to achieve this they don’t necessarily have to be treated the same by sales or customer service.


Basic service is the absolute minimum level of service that will be provided to all customer. A company should not deliberately offer a lower service level to any customer. The critical decision is not to provide a lower service level to less profitable customer but rather whether or not to do business with such customer

For example basic service does not discriminate but provide service to the customer and treat customers equally.

Zero Defect Services

The perfect order commitment is over and above a firm’s basic service commitment. While a basic service is offered to all customers without discrimination, zero defect service suggests superior services offered to most profitable customers or those customers who are willing to develop alliance relationship or commit to significant future business. Zero defect service implies doing everything right and do it right the first time and each and every time.

The customer service should be synchronised to achieve target service goals each and every time. Zero defect has no room for error. Customer expect that the promise performance will be there each and every time. For example a mobile industry has customer service department that are more geared toward younger people, younger agents mainly because young people make up a large proportion of their customer base.

Value Added Service

Value added service are offered to selected customers to build customer loyalty or enhance customer success. Value-added services are unique, tailor made services that are offered to specific customer over and above a basic service commitment. For example an insurance company will include a roadside assistance as a standard offering. This service is preventative measure as well as it is a safeguard for the driver.


A medical emergency respond often linked to travel insurance which provides medical care while being transported to the nearest medical facility in the shortest time possible.


There is a clear differentiation between the three dimension and each dimension has its own unique way of operating. With basic services all customers are treated equally at the specific minimum level of service built. Zero defect commitment is offered to selected customers to gain or maintain preferred supplier status and with value added services they attempt to build solidarity and offered to selected customer.


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What is a good definition of customer service?
Customer service is the provision of service to customers before, during, and after a purchase. The definition of customer service can vary depending on the company, but it typically includes some combination of interacting with customers to answer questions, resolve complaints, and provide support.
What is your definition of customer service examples?
Customer service is the act of providing assistance and support to customers. Good customer service involves providing accurate information, resolving customer complaints in a timely manner, and being polite and professional.
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