Nikola Tesla as a Scientist

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Do you know who was Nikola Tesla? Well, he was a scientist that was born on July 10, 1856 and sadly passed away at the age of 86 on January 7 1983 because of a disease called Coronary Thrombosis. He had one brother called Dane Tesla, and three sisters, Marica Kosanovic, Milka Tesla and Angelina Tesla. Tesla didn’t have a wife or children but he was in love with Katherine McMahon Johnson, sadly she was the wife of Teslas lifelong friend, Robert Underwood Johnson. Thought the two often exchanged letters. He’s invention where the X ray technology, the remote control, the rotating magnetic field, the basis of AC machinery, radio, laser light, and a lacer ball.

Nikola Tesla is the best role model for scientists and engineers because he invented helpful things for many different situations in live and discovered energy sources that now are very helpful. But what all his inventions have in common is that we use them till today.

Did you know he created the Alternating current ?that can be explained has a form in which electric power can be delivered from one place to another. This invention was helpful to the whole world so he offered the machine so many people could have the opportunity to use the machine. The AC worked for moving energy from one place to another

Secondly, he invented really modern things at his time and without those things, what our technology looks right now would look much different. He worked with other people to create them, like Thomas Edison on 1884. They both were sharing a passion for science.

Lastly, he is not the best just because of his inventions and discoveries also for his caring and sensitive personality, so for me that is being a principle person because he was always honest and caring to his siblings and other people. He showed to be a committed person when he wanted to invent something new. He was a thinker when thought of creating something new.

In conclusion, I think Nikola Tesla is important for many people because he change technology for every body and wanted to help many people by inventing new thing that will last in history for many years and the world can use them to make something much easier, and in his time his inventions where a source that where very helpful. Finally, many people said that Nikola Tesla had a great mental power so he wrote this quote “ The gift of mental power comes from God”.


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