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Deepika Kurup as a Young Scientist

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Deepika Kurup as a Young Scientist essay
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She was born in 1998, she is a inventor scientist and created a water purification method. She was also the winner of the 2012 Discovery Education 3M young scientist Award. Kurup was given the $25,000 award for creating a new water purification method. She also a finalist in the 2014 international Stockholm Junior Water Prize with her project ‘A Novel Photocatalytic Pervious Composite for Degrading Organics and Inactivating Bacteria in Wastewater.’In January 2015, Kurup was named as one of the forbes 2015 30 Under 30 in Energy. She has also been featured in Teen vogue’s for her work Contents.

Deepika Kurup was born in Nasha, New Hampshire. She has given a number of accounts of what inspired her to work on water purification In her entry to the competition, she explains the mechanism used for developing her invention and also explains some of the factors that led to the invention. Kurup’s main idea that won her the in 2012 is based on using a photocatalytic compound for Discovery Education 3M young scientist Award Water purification. This project involved a photocatalytic composite made up of titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, hollow glass microspheres, and Portland cement.

In 2012 Kurup’s photocatalytic composite was able to reduce the amount of total coliform from 8000 colony forming to 50. In addition, it oxidised methyl water at a faster rate than standard solar disinfection methods.She improved her method and after 3 years developed a previous photocatalytic composite using sand, TiO2, Portland cement and silver nitrate. her composite show 98% reduction in total bacteria after filtration. Exposure of the filtered water to sunlight with a photocatalytic composite disc resulted in 100% inactivation of total coliform bacteria in just 15 minutes.She was a finalist in the 2014 international Stock home.

Her father Pradeep Kurup, a civil engineering professor at the University of Massachusetts Lowell, came to United States in 1983 from India. Her mother, Meena Kurup, is originally from the southern Indian state of kerala. Deepika is planning on concentrating in Neurobiology and other inventions . The next scientists are already working hard of the problems society is facing, a good example will be a 18-year-old Deepika Kurup scientist and activist. Deepika Kurup is a student and inventor who is best known for winning the 2012 “Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge” with her incredible invention: a water purich utilizes solar energy.

At fifteen years old, Deepika is already proving to be one of the best young minds in the world today through her use of scientific knowledge to address one of mankind’s most pressing issues: access to clean drinking water. Often be to as one of “America’s Top Young Scientists” (a title she was given in 2012 after winning the 3M Young Scientist Challenge), Deepika has presented her invention all over the United States. In fact, she has become so popular that she was granted the privilege of presenting her invention at the 2013 White House Science Fair.

One of Deepika’s greatest traits is her undying persistence and desire to reach her goals. It is this persistence that has helped her work through all the discouragement and disappointments, and push through all the failures until she could succeed in her endeavours. When she found herself among the few people who had a passion for STEM, she was not discouraged from continuing in her.

to see the wonders of science, as well. For her, the common stereotypical view of a scientist as a gown-wearing, stuck-in-the-lab kind of person is totally untrue; scientists are among the most outgoing people in the world and are always ready for their next adventure in discovering what the world has to offer.interests; instead, she was even more inspired to make others realize how wonderful STEM is. Deepika’s love for STEM is such that she wants other. Deepika says that whilst there is still a gender imbalance in the scientific community, she knows that “the female scientific community is strong, and will continue to work to overcome any barriers they are faced with.”

She also points out how hard it can be for younger people to be taken seriously by the rest of the chemistry community and believes there need to be more programs for young scientists, to promote diversity and encourage them to share ideas. “In order to promote diversity, we need to rid of this ‘scientist stereotype’, and show people that a scientist isn’t just one who mixes chemicals all day; a scientist is one who loves learning and is curious about the world.” Deepika wants to inspire anyone who is considering a career in chemistry to follow their dream and inspire others.

Deepika Kurup as a Young Scientist essay

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What did Deepika Kurup?
Deepika Kurup invented a water purification system as a teenager, after seeing children in India drinking dirty water. She patented her technology last year and is searching for a company that is already working in the developing world to implement it.
What is Deepika Kurup doing now?
Currently she is CEO and founder Catalyst for World Water , a social enterprise aimed at deploying the technology she developed in water-scarce areas. Along with research, Kurup is passionate about STEM education, and she feels that STEM education has the power to revolutionize the world.
Where is Deepika Kurup from and what is the name of her enterprise?
In January 2015, Kurup was named as one of the Forbes 2015 30 Under 30 in Energy. Deepika Kurup Born April 12, 1998 Nashua, New Hampshire, U.S. Alma mater Harvard University Stanford University 1 more row
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