An Analysis of the Greek Culture and Reason for the Downfall of the Western Roman Empire

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Greek culture laid the foundation for the Roman Empire. The Roman people wanted to be like the Greek people. For example the Romans made a sculpture of the Greek goddess Aphrodite. The Romans recognized the Greek art and architecture to be very well done. Since the Romans likes these traits of the Greek they used the Greeks ideas and created there own. That was the basis of the Roman Empire.

In 64 AD there was a fire in Rome that burned down a large part of the city. When Rome decided to reconstruct they built the city back up in Greek style. They used the Greek architecture, and made it into their own. In 385 AD the Roman Empire fell into the West- Roman Empire and the East-Roman Empire. The two Empires existed until 476 AD when the Western Empire was invaded by the Goths.

The Romans used the Greek architecture style, and created their own architecture style. This Roman architecture is well known around the world today. It is seen in many places still as of this time. The Romans created the style of the pillars on the buildings. Architecture is a main part in the development of an Empire.

The Romans took the word basilica from the Greek word basileus which means king. The original word means a royal palace. But the Romans made the meaning into a center of business. But also in the basilica they had administration meetings there. This shows how the Romans based their business from the Greek way.

The Roman forums were very unique from any other countries forums. The forums were unique not only because of its architecture but on how it represents freedom and its a symbol of democracy to the Empire. The Romans had there own gods, but in 500 BC the Romans came in contact with the Greek gods. Not long after did the Romans adopt the god of the Greek.

The Greek culture laid the foundation for the Roman Empire. As you can see the Romans adopted and used many of the Greeks, art, religious gods, and architecture. Because of this the Romans based their Empire on how the Greeks based theirs.

Why exactly did the western Roman Empire fall? The decline of the empire began when Marcus Aurelius became the ruler in192 A.D. and continued for 200 years following that. Of the numerous reasons that caused the fall of the empire, the most influential dealt with Rome’s political, military, and economic decay.

The deterioration of politics was the greatest set back of the empire. After Augustus died, Rome had a problem with secession. Roman government had no laws for choosing a new emperor once one had died. The senate would appoint a new emperor and if the people of Rome didn’t approve, they would kill him or start a civil war. After Diocletian became ruler, he divided the empire into two different sections. All the wealth went to the east, where he ruled. All the poor people on the western side of the empire were now left out of politics.

The military, likewise, had many problems. The Roman men wanted to be paid to fight and the commanders lacked loyalty. They weren’t fighting for their country, only themselves. Since the government was going through inflation, they couldn’t afford to

ay the soldiers enough. They had to hire Germanic men, called barbarians, to fight for Rome. They would find out that they weren’t loyal and couldn’t be trusted. The military was then expanded to a larger size. Because of nonfunding and inexperience the military would crumble.

The economy suffered as well. The Roman government imported more to other countries than they exported. Since they were paying for their imports and not getting any of it back, it caused a decline in gold and silver. They were now forced to take the gold

and silver out of the Roman coins and replace them with copper The wealthier Romans borrowed money from the government for larger imports, which caused inflation. The government also had to raise taxes to pay for the soldiers since they had to paid to fight for their country.

When the government faced all these problems during a period of 300 years, the empire gradually fell until it ceased to exist. Learning and applying everything we know connected to the fall of the Roman Empire has helped our government avoid the mistakes of the Romans.

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