Physical Education and Development

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A child with physical difficulty, disability, or delay, this could cause them to withdraw socially, suffer from depression, and stress also may have difficulty communicating (speech and body language problems).

Sport Activities

A child with a disability affecting their motor function will find difficulty participating in school sports activities:

  • may feel social withdrawn,
  • do not have the opportunity to make friendships and build a team (that are important in social development)
  • can become overweight due to lack of exercise (this affect their body appearance and can lower self-esteem, further affecting social skills and emotional wellbeing)
  • sports activities burn the excess energy (if the energy is not burned, a child may focus this energy towards misbehaving, acting out)

Visual and Hearing Impairments

  • can find difficulty in building relationships and develop their social skills in the school environment
  • children attend a school designed for them (may result in impaired children being unable to socialize with normal people in the future)
  • can affect a child’s ability to communicate (speech problems)

Social, Emotional and Behavioral Development

Children may exhibit characteristics that adversely affect their education, difficulty learning, and building or maintaining interpersonal relationships with other children and teachers; inappropriate behavior and feelings, unhappiness, or depression.


  • children can experience a loss of interest in social activities, work in life (withdraw socially and can often separate themselves from others)
  • problems in establishing friendships,
  • withdrawal from lessons can affect cognitive development.

Eating Disorders

  • children can suffer physical and neurological complications,
  • impaired rate of growth
  • problem with health (pubertal delay or arrest, increased risk of heart disease and arrhythmia, neurological disorders (seizures or tremors)
  • overeating can result in obesity (height blood pleasure, height cholesterol)


  • violent outbursts of anger, verbal or physical attack on another person or destroy objects, can have a detrimental effect on their social development.
  • children and young people with ADHD may be often subject to isolation from classes, suspension and exclusion from school, which has an adverse effect on their educational development (reading, writing, and problem-solving)

Social Anxiety Disorder

  • the child may cry a lot, freeze or have tantrums, bite the nails
  • they often fear the school, classroom environment and avoid performances in school (this may have an effect on the problems communication)
  • they can also have problems with eating and drinking in front of people (malnutrition, low self-esteem, especially reading performance and build image)

Communication and Intellectual Development

A child or young person with a cognitive disability may find difficulty with memory, problem-solving, attention, reading, linguistic, maths.

Down Syndrome

  • may suffer from a stutter or rapid and irregular speech (hey can feel frustration, annoyance a lack of confidence because of communication problem with others)
  • emotional and behavioral difficulties (they experience emotions of anger and anxiety more often and more intensively than other children, have difficulty expressing these feeling in a proper way)
  • problems with learning (may have a feeling of ineptness, stupid or inadequate)

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