Physical Activity Is Essential for All Argumentative Essay

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Physical education is required in almost every American high school and all for the right reasons. students would argue that P.E. classes are less important than any other classes they are taking. The claims being made about the importance of physical education is false and fall under an example of laziness of today’s youth. There are many reasons for physical education being a requirement, but possibly the most important are that P.E. is good for one’s physical health, it teaches students about exercise and nutrition, it is good for mental health, and it helps students develop healthy habits that they can use now and in the future.

Physical education can have positive effects on a person mentally. Studies have shown that physical exercise reduces stress and anxiety. According to Psychologii, from the department of Psychology conducting teaching activities in many directions of the Ślaski Medical University in Katowice conducted that “Results confirm the acute effect of exercise i.e. the reductions in anxiety and depression after single sessions of exercise. The changes in anxiety, depression, and mood states after exercise are explained most frequently by the endorphin and monoamine hypotheses” (Psychologii). The body releases chemicals into the body called endorphins. This means that during any exercise, the body is repairing itself by releasing those chemicals helping burn away the toxicity in the body caused by stress. Therefore, P.E. classes can help relieve stress from home or even school work and can be an easy class to have to get a student away from constant thinking. Physical activity can play a big role in the classroom as well. “Scientists state that exercise increases blood flow”(Psychologii). This means that students will be more alert and ready to learn since the blood is flowing vigorously through the brain. All, in the end, P.E. helps equal out a person’s busy day and allows a person to get out of the classroom and go outside and play.

It is true, however, that there are some negative factors to physical education as well. Many students have no choice but having to participate in their physical education class as a requirement, causing students to participate in sports or activities that they don’t prefer or believe that they don’t have the ability to perform. Making the experience for them not fun or enjoyable can make them less likely to exercise outside of school. With that being said, according to Mary Strain a professional editor since 1994, in the article “Disadvantages of Physical Education in the Schools” she concluded that, “Coaches are often criticized for “phoning in” the P.E. curriculum, with the result that athletic students aren’t challenged, and non-athletic students are either ignored or worse, singled out for ridicule because the coach is too apathetic to take control of the class.” On the other hand, if coaches and physical education teachers made it important for everyone to be included and motivated them just a little bit, I believe more students would have the confidence to participate far more than what they have been.

Physical education classes should be mandatory in more schools. students need to learn at an early age how important exercise is in their daily lives. In addition to the basic instruction, students will receive information on how to play various sports and games and also learn how their bodies work while learning how to maintain healthy eating habits and a healthy weight. Students need to be involved in physical activities for more than they are doing. There are so many benefits for the body and mind when you are involved in physical activity. Bodies were made to move. Not to sit still all the time.

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