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Teaching as it Aligns to My Faith

Pages 10 (2 453 words)

Philosophy of Education



What is vocation? The term vocation, in my opinion, is a commonly misunderstood term. We have familiarized it with things, such as our jobs or careers. However, vocation is not merely just a job or career. “Vocation is one’s response to a call from beyond oneself to use one’s strengths and gifts to make the…

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Gentlemen Are Not the New Knights

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Arguably the most influential virtue of the medieval era, chivalry once dominated the European world as all people sought lived in accordance with it. Manifested in the literature of the time, medieval chivalry encompassed a sense of honor, dignity, courage, and bravery. Though some of its elements endure today, chivalry was never resurrected after the…

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Plato’s Philosophical Theory

Pages 3 (607 words)

Allegory of The Cave



Plato was one of the most famous philosopher thinkers, his level of thinking and reasoning were well beyond that of his time. He believed that life is like being chained up in a cave and forced to watch shadows along the side of the cave. Plato suggested that this was an ideal society, he examined…

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Online Scams Ethics Paper

Pages 7 (1 539 words)




Every day there is somebody who is getting scammed by an online scam. Sometimes the end results from a scam could be very minor while other times it could be really devasting and it could mean losing money or even in some cases putting yourself in harm’s way. In many cases scams can seem really…

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Perception of Truth in Plato’s “The Allegory of the Cave”

Pages 7 (1 631 words)

Allegory of The Cave


Among people, there is unanimity regarding the concept that there are at least two forms of Truth. One type of Truth is referred to as objective truth. This type of truth is something that has been proven as factual. An excellent example of this would be ‘people need water and air to live’ or ‘water…

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Ethnicity and Work Ethic

Pages 3 (545 words)


Work Ethic

Work Ethics

Ethnicity is defined as being belonging to a group with a mutual national or cultural tradition. Some examples of ethnicity are Latino, Spanish, and Hispanic Origin. The idea of ethnicity sometimes gets confused for nationality and race, however there is a difference. Nationality focuses on the relationship one has between the country affiliated with. Race…

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Motivation to Become a Published Author

Pages 6 (1 399 words)




Jane the Virgin is a series about a young woman who was a pregnant virgin. She was inseminated on accident and did not believe in abortion by her religion, so she decided to have the baby. She was always into telenovela’s, as she always watched them with her mother and grandmother. Watching these series tempted…

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The Emergence of the Goth Subculture and the Changes in Fashion

Pages 4 (906 words)






The Goth subculture has earned shock, misunderstanding, and disapproval since the later 1970s (Goodlad and Bibby). Much like punks, goths aim to shock through their fashion and gloomy, withdrawn attitude. Goths are easily identifiable as a subculture because of their all black, Victorian attire and their spikey or long hair (Robinson). Not only is their…

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Prison Subcultures and the Negative Effects on the Prisoners

Pages 3 (649 words)





Many people don’t know much about what goes on behind those barbed wires on the prison fences. But through research, I have come to know. That the subcultures within the prison grounds have a negative affect on the prison life in the United States. Prison subculture is the culture of prison society and thought by…

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The Ethics V. Consumption 

Pages 5 (1 024 words)

Animal Rights



An important philosophical question I’ve come to ask myself recently is the reason humans dedicate certain rights to animals such as dogs but then consider others such as pigs and cattle to be inferior and warranted to abuse and slaughter for harvest. A major mistake we have made as a species is to condition our…

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Education is a complex process that has been evolving over the centuries to pass the essential survival skills as well as highly specialized knowledge to the next generations, and thus education itself has become a field of study. If you read essays on philosophy of education, you’ll see that it encompasses the study of goals, methods, the meaning of the whole process, and the practices used by educators to increase its efficiency.

Your college teacher has been educated in pedagogy to properly convey the information to you – the student. If you want to write your own philosophy of education essay, you need to dive deep into the history of the subject and see how it has been evolving over time. Teaching is now easy, so the educators need a proper methodology to make that process more effective, and you can check out the philosophy of education essay samples to see how educators have been evolving their approaches over the years.

With that knowledge in mind, you can understand your tutors better and see why they choose certain methods in teaching you and your peers.

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