Why I Want to Build a Career in Pharmacy Field

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The power of curiosity keeps us moving and allows us to be engaged and discover meaning in what we do. A passion for wanting to know more establishes a groundwork for unlimited opportunities to grow. A career in pharmacy allows for one to combine their knowledge and understanding of medicine, as well as their curiosity to flourish. The pharmacy field requires individuals that thrive in a fast-paced environment, one in which they have a desire to continuously seek answers for problems that are not easily solved. Pharmacy, for me, is a gateway for transforming my curiosity into innovation.

My curiosity in pharmaceutical medicine was sparked at a young age through my experience with my grandfather and his illness. I witnessed his dependence on his daily medications, which lead me to seek answers for questions on how these medications affected him. I even realized that some of these medications would change his mood and alter his levels of activity. I was amazed as to how something so small can have an outcome so significant on my grandfather’s quality of life. Not only did these medications save his life, but it also prolonged his time with us.

However it most importantly allowed him to live a life free of pain. I am grateful for all the time I got to spend with him, which otherwise would not have occurred without his medication and the help of a pharmacist. Soon enough, the word ‘how’ became a word of common occurrence that began many of my sentences. I pursued to seek answers that were not easily provided and enjoyed this process of acquiring those answers. The desire for knowing more, combined with an interest in health care lead me to pursue PrePharmacy.

Throughout obtaining my degree, I have taken fundamental classes concentrating in biology and chemistry which allowed me to acquire a broader understanding of the necessary knowledge needed to succeed in this field. There are a vast number of paths that one could explore in the field of health care, and truthfully, I was initially unsure of what track I wanted to pursue. Pharmacy stood out the most to me as I feel that my skills, along with my desire to seek knowledge, will allow me to excel in the field. Yet more importantly, a career in pharmacy will allow me to provide relief for those who are suffering from an illness, and prolong a life with less pain, and more happiness. I wish for children of the next generation to be able to spend quality time with their loved ones, just like I was able to with mine.

My experience working in Meijer Pharmacy further confirmed that a pharmaceutical career indeed is what I want to pursue. Through this experience I was able to gain insight on the true role of a pharmacist and how it encompasses all aspects of both medicine and helping those in need. I want a career that not only challenges me, but one that also fulfills my desire to improve the quality of life of the people I interact with.

When working in a retail pharmaceutical setting, one will encounter unique circumstances that will test you on a daily basis, while also showing you how enlightening this career truly is. This aspect of the career became clear to me when I met a mother who shared her story of her son, who had been very ill for a long time. After years of trying different medication, they had finally found the medicine that was helping his condition.

I realized then that a career in pharmacy encompasses much more than fueling my curiosity. There are children, adults and even animals that need the help of a pharmacist to make them happier and healthier, and to aid in improving their quality of life. These are two sides of the same coin, both pharmacist and patient working towards the common goal of well-being. Truly, I think there is nothing more fulfilling than that as a life path.

At a young age, we are often told to do what makes us happy. My happiness is achieved through a role in healthcare that will help in improving the lives of many individuals. Through the experience of my childhood, school and profession it is clear that the process of improving healthcare worldwide is impossible without pharmacists. As I further my education, I want to explore the different field options available as well as understand the different ways in which I can assist and educate people. Although I am unsure where this career path will take me, the unknown propels my inquisitiveness and motivates me to keep moving forward.


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