Personal and Professional Philosophy

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Statement of Personal Philosophy:

I believe that health is not about time, but about lifestyle. In order to achieve a successful and healthy lifestyle, you must maintain a balance internally. Most people define health as the life or longevity of a person, but I think health is actually a combination of the basic parts of life. For health, one must balance the social, physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual aspects of life and make the most of what they do and enjoy it.

As a health educator, my determination is to spread as much health knowledge as possible in the hope that people will continue to live a happy and healthy lifestyle. I plan to practice my sermon, not only to educate others but also to learn from others. I know that I can’t personally change someone’s health or make a healthy decision, but as a health educator, I will inspire people to lead a healthy life and change their way of life.

Statement of Professional Philosophy:

Health education and health promotion are important for people entering the health profession. Joint committee health education is defined as any combination of planned learning experiences using evidence-based practices and/or rational theories that provide opportunities to acquire the knowledge, attitudes, and skills needed to adopt and maintain healthy behaviors. This definition clearly demonstrates the importance of health education in teaching how to adopt and maintain healthy behavior. The Joint Commission also continues to define health promotion as any combination of programs of education, politics, environment, regulation or organizational mechanisms to support actions and living conditions that benefit individuals, groups and communities.

Now, this definition is more a reflection of the urgent position of how the health care community must promote the health of individuals, groups and communities so that they can better understand how to integrate this healthy life into their daily lives. A more comprehensive understanding of health education and health promotion is just the beginning of becoming an experienced health professional who can truly become a mentor to the lives of people around us. But once we understand the importance of health education and health promotion, we can truly become a model for the world and help improve the health of our communities in ways that we have never thought of.

I think health education and health promotion are very important. I have to say that I would rather work on a day in a field related to health promotion rather than health education. I believe this is because I prefer to work in the medical field, where most other employees and clients have a better understanding of health than to make me a healthy teacher from most people who don’t have any ideas. That being said, I always help educate a person who is not sure how to lead a healthy lifestyle. I just don’t want it to be my specific career every day. I have to say that the best philosophy that supports my philosophy is the philosophy of decision-making and the eclectic health education promotion philosophy.

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