Is Teamwork in an Organization is Beneficial or not ?

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Teams are pervasive in today’s world, and rightfully, so we need them. We need them in every aspect of our lives like hospitals, sports, schools, oil rigs and military services etc. Team can be defined as a group of individuals who work collectively to achieve the same purposes and goals to provide excellent quality of services. ( Sanyal, 2018). According to Sanyal, it is very good to create a team and it’s concepts and strategies which can prevent failure of the organization(2018). In my opinion, it is very effective for an organizations to focus on the improving teamwork and run themselves according to it, due to the fact that teamwork serves as a catalyst for the member of a team to have a higher level of trust and emotional security, the chance to grow sharing experience with other employees, overall productivity in the workplace and all of which is very crucial for the organization to develop.

The first reason why it is useful for any company or an institution to run themselves based on teamwork is because it creates bond, trust and emotional security between workers. Rodger and Mickan concluded that there is a positive relationship between teamwork and trust in the workplace (2000). People do not believe someone in one day, most of the time, it takes time and proper conditions to happen and being in one team is an excellent example of proper conditions.

Sanyal states that teamwork has the power to strengthen the behavioral concepts and beliefs between the members, also to empower individuals’ personalities and develop their skills and talents (2018). It is inevitable that if someone does not trust partner in any area of our lives, failure does occur. On the other hand, when people believe in someone, they feel secure emotionally which creates easy atmosphere where every member of the team can open up, discuss what any topic and share their ideas without being afraid to be judged or criticized. These conditions help an organization to grow and to be more successful.

The key of a constant development and high performances in working environment is the comfortable feelings and ability to cooperate between team’s members easily (Sanyal, 2018, p17). It is true that personalities of colleagues do not match, which may lead to some conflicts that affect their performance negatively. However, if it is dealt by the leader of the team, it can be overcome and friendship emerges between employees. Wehbe believes that these kind of close-knit relationships motivate employees in parallel and align them work harder, cooperate and be supportive of one another (2017).

The second reason why an organization need teams is that it is common thing that no one has the same potential and experience in what they do. When everyone whose experience and knowledge are at different level, is involved , less experienced employers may have a chance to nurture and grow their knowledge and work experience through cooperation, collaboration and sharing ideas with colleagues. The studies that have been conducted on the subject illustrate that concept of teams is vital and helps to make development process easier in the organization and improve performance quality (Oseiboakye, 2015).

The reason why an individual becomes more productive working in teams is that he or she acquires or enhances the beneficial occupational skills through unlimited learning, cooperating and exchanging thought and various experiences (Sanyal, 2018, p18). Also working in a team enables people to learn from another’s mistakes. They see the consequences and do not try not repeat them. You are able to avoid future errors learning from inexperienced colleagues and gain insight from differing perspectives, and learn new concepts from experienced ones ( Wehbe, 2003) Thus teamwork is an essential element for the development and function of an organization or an institution.

The final reason why teamwork increases the quality of the performance in the workplace is that it increases productivity of the employees in their own specialized area which leads to overall productivity. First of all, it is because when workers are combined into one group, workload is divided according to the ability of each member. Each person does what they do best.

Consequently, it takes less time and energy and also job can be accomplished productively and with more excellence. Many studies conducted have shown that employees who work on teams can be more productive than others who work individually because everyone is doing what they can do best (Jones et al, 2007) . And also, when workload is shared, there will be much less pressure mean stress because responsibility also is divided into smaller parts (Wehbe, 2017). As a result, people can work more efficiently and productively.

Employees with high stress levels are less productive and have higher absenteeism. According to a research highly stressed employees took an average of 4.6 sick days per year compared to 1.6 days for less stressed ones. ‘Presenteeism’ – the phrase used to describe attending work when unwell and unproductive was 50 percent higher for highly stressed workers with an average of 16 day per year versus about 10days for employees claiming low stress levels ( Higginbottom,2014, p1).

Nowadays, teams are found everywhere and they are active in almost every field like medical organizations, games, educational institutions, at mining places and armed forces and so on. They are vital for them to grow, work efficiently and achieve maximum results. It is argued that working together as united entities and using team-based strategies to achieve desired objectives and goals of an organization in the best way possible is very crucial (Conti and Kleiner, 2003). Using teamwork is very beneficial for a company, an institution and an organization etc. due to the fact that it helps employees stay emotionally secure, gives opportunity to excel in their jobs receiving help from colleagues and makes them to be more productive.

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