Business Internal and External Environment 

Updated November 3, 2020

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Business Internal and External Environment  essay

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Meaning of Business Environment

The connection of internal and external constituent that factors a company`s operating situation. Business environment have two sub environment. There are internal environment and external environment.

Internal Environment

Internal environment is Includes all factors inside the organizations. Internal factors are controlled by the organizations. Internal factors with in the organizations.

Internal factors

  • Human resources – mangers, employees.
  • Current technology – apps, new software.
  • Finance – buy new machines and equipment, buy new vehicles.
  • Company image and brand equity – Apple, Nike, SONY
  • Mission and objectives – the KFC mission or vision statement is as follows. “To sell food in fast, friendly environment that appeals to price conscious, health-minded consumers” (ASK media group, 2020).

Strengths and weakness can be identified by studying internal environment.

External Environment

External environment is includes all factors outside the organizations. External factors are uncontrolled by organizations. All factors are outside. External environment has two sub environment.

Operating or competitive or task or market external environment – suppliers, customers, competitors, publics
Remote or macro or general external environment – international dimension, political-legal dimension, economic dimension.

Threat and opportunity can be identified by studying external environment.


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Business Internal and External Environment  essay

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