Go Go Goals

Updated April 25, 2022

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Go Go Goals essay

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Life goals are the things you want to achieve in life and the things you want to do before you die. Setting goals is so important because it gives you a purpose in life, and help you to guide your life. And I know all of us have life goals and we all want to achieve those goals.

Today, as a college student my main goal here is to graduate and be a licensed engineer by 2024 or before the year 2024 and enable to do that of course I will strive harder, endure that difficulty of my course, be focus, and do all the best I can do to achieve my goals in life. After I became a licensed engineer, I want to find a stable and fit job for me, I want in that job is for me to grow more as a person. And if I’m lucky enough, I want to establish a business that will help our family to be not so rich but the level of contentment is there. After I establish a business, I want to pursue attending flight school and become a licensed pilot because I really want to travel around the world with my loved ones and also to take back all the hard work of the people who helped me reach that level of fulfillment. And I also really want to donate to charities for elderlies, children and animals because not all the time you’re at the top so it’s just feeling good that you are sharing the blessings that you received in your life. I also want to have a house that is I could call home, a warm and comfortable home, not big enough but adequate for our family. and I want to achieve those things before I become 30- 35 years old. In order to achieve those things i must believe in myself that I can do all of that because its nonsense if you think that you cannot do it and of course I will do all the best that I can in order to achieve those because here on earth we all want the things that can make us happy and the things that will benefit us.

Life is really hard, life is like climbing mountain, you have to go up and down in many tracks before you reach the top of the mountain and even at the top of the mountain there are still tracks that you have to go before reaching the top, like in life you will encounter struggles and problems upon reaching your goals and after you overcome those and achieving those goals there will always be a problem but always remember there is always a rainbow after a rain.

Go Go Goals essay

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