My Life Goals

Updated April 25, 2022

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My Life Goals essay

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I am Alisha Prajapati an obedient, ambitious, and career-oriented girl. I am an introvert and very shy by nature. I was born and brought up in Bhaktapur, Nepal. I spent most of my life in my hometown Bhaktapur, with my lovely family, which includes my responsible father, caring mother, older sister, and a younger brother. Since an early age, I always wanted to be independent and responsible. That’s the reason, I chose to study in the USA. It feels amazing to experience new things here, and even more amazing to notice the transformation I have had after coming in the land of opportunities. However, the most important aspect of my identity is my family.

I have tons of hobbies and interests in my life. Some of them are very strange. Adventures and traveling have always interested me. I am fond of nature. I mostly like those places with lush jungles, hills, and mountains. Also, I love to stay alone in my own space. I have a very small circle of friends. Hanging out with peoples has always been my worst nightmares. I am trying to overcome it. This has to be my family trait as my family members rarely go out. We spend most of our times together. Additionally, I love singing. It’s not that I have an amazing voice, but it’s not that bad. This part of me comes from my mother as she loves to sing.

My life goals are simple, yet intriguing and motivating. Being a successful woman has been a huge part of my life goals. And my family has always supported me with my motives in life. That’s the reason why they supported my decision of moving to the USA and achieve my higher studies. My father particularly wanted me to be a doctor. The reason is that my grandfather is a diabetic patient and he needed a professional to take care of him. I was interested in the biology field, but I never thought I would have the potential to study such a broad course. Considering my father’s desire and mine, I chose to pursue a nursing degree. Besides that, waking up early is the mini goal that I wanted to accomplish for a very long time. I have a serious issue waking up early. Back in Nepal, my mom used to scold me and wake me up early every day. Now, I seriously want to wake up early and I have tried a few times, but I am never consistent enough. I hope I will get over it.

Personality is one aspect that makes me who I am. I am confident and calm. And I have been told by people that I have a likable personality. I am optimistic, but an introvert and shy by nature. But I feel like my shyness is somehow a weakness for me. I feel awkward to interact with peoples and that has limited me in many ways. There are so many things to learn and experience from different people and I am lacking it due to my shy nature. This is the one thing that I need to change about myself. My parents also wanted me to explore and interact more with people to know more about the different perspective of life. But I hardly did, and I am still wanting to change this very fact about me. But, with people I know, I am a completely different person. Once I get along with someone, I build good bonds with them. I open up to them and share things with them. Few of my friends told me that I am very humorous around them. More than anything else, I love serenity. I am me and I am happier when I am in my own zone.

I am from a very conservative traditional family. I follow Hinduism. I strongly believe that God exists. There is a tiny space in my home decorated particularly for statues of god. I am little religious, I wake up every morning and light up a candle and pray to god. This gives me positivity and good vibes. I still remember those days when my grandfather used to tell stories about god and demons to me and my brother. It used to be very fun. Additionally, one fact about my family is that we cannot stand strong smell except my brother. The strong scent makes me sick and it would not even take a minute to get me a headache. This is definitely a genetic trait from my parents because all of us would get nauseous with such a smell.

There would be hardly some people who do not have a role model in their life. Likewise, my grandfather is my role model. I share an extremely special bond with him. He is the most decent, generous, and kind-hearted person I have met in my entire life. His perception of life is so insightful. His positive attitude and optimistic nature let him fight over a severe disease like diabetes. He motivates and inspires me in so many ways. Despite the health issues he had, he made his life successful and won the hearts of many people through social works. He is respected and honored by everyone in my society. The biggest lesson I learned from him is to fight back, take challenges in life, and most importantly to believe in yourself.

In conclusion, Family is the imperative aspect of my identity. Family matters to me the most than anything else. I am basically a family-oriented person. I am who I am today because of my family. My family not only supports me but imparts much-needed stability to my life. No one would ever understand me better than my family. I strongly feel I should make my parents feel proud of being a responsible person and achieving success in life. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that I am indebted to my family for my success in life.

My Life Goals essay

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