My Personal Life Goals Essay

Updated April 25, 2022

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My Personal Life Goals Essay essay

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Did you know that the number of overweight and obese people worldwide has increased from 857 million in 1980 to 2.1 billion in 2013? Of these, 671 million are obese. Researchers have found that over the past 33 years, worldwide overweight and obesity rates among adults have increased by 27.5%. One of my life goals is to become a balanced adult. To have the skill of balancing what I eat and how much i exercise or how much i work and how much I spend with family. I believe that a key part of a happy life is balancing what I do out. I think that it’s an important skill for everyone to learn. By balancing the things we do, I believe that we could at least lessen some of the mentioned issues.

I believe that I can achieve my goal of a balanced life if I remember to play soccer the same day I sat around a lot or spending time with family after a conquering of homework. The hard part will be maintaining my trajectory through high school and college because my parents won’t be as present in my everyday life. I think that there are sadly plenty of example of people without balanced lives that I can use to keep myself on track.

It will not be an easy task though, eating and watching TV all day is great fun and so it is very tempting. I will need to use lots of self-control to remember that even though I’m having fun eating and loafing I could be having just as much if not way more healthy fun kicking a ball around with friends. The hardest part will probably be maintaining a balanced life once I’ve reached it. I think that I will need to use lots of self-control to accomplish my goal.

I think that even though it will not be easy there are lots of good reasons to achieve it. Things like staying fit and not waking up tired and unhappy are only a few. I think that above all the biggest benefit if I accomplish my goal will be the self-control I used to get there. It is sad to see some adults that never learned self-control and that’s not how I want to be viewed. I think that qualities like a balanced life and self-control are things that employers look for so if I achieve my goal it may help me along in later life.

As there has become less and less physical labor jobs people are not getting the exercise they need. It is very easy to understand why, but we all have to work to create a balance of fun and exercise let alone things like working and family time. I hope to be able to develop habits that help me stay balanced on the way to achieve my goal.

My Personal Life Goals Essay essay

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