Personal Aims of Life

Updated April 25, 2022

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Personal Aims of Life essay

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I have set many personal goals for myself as a student. I had also spent some time on evaluating my goals. Therefore, now I have a very understandable picture of what I want to be in my life, what i really want my achievements to be. It takes a lot of hard work to become successful in life, but the hardest part of it is to make plans and work on it. So it is very important in life to set some goals to achieve success. Setting goals helps us to think about our future, make plans, motivate us to bring those goals into reality and get desired jobs in the future. Setting goals also assists us to understand where we are, what we want, and how to accomplish those objectives in our life. Therefore, I have created some ideas on how to obtain those major goals in life. This essay will show how I will accomplish my bigger goals by achieving short term goals in the next twenty years. This essay of my aims of life will express the ambitions of life to become a dentist, psychologist, police officer.

The first valuable goal that I want to accomplish is to become a dentist and obtain a dental license in the coming fifteen years. It will take a long time to bring this goal into reality. To accomplish this goal first I will graduate from Alexander College in one year by completing ten courses. In each semester I will take three and four courses, maintaining a higher grade point average of above two, taking notes, and active participation. After graduation, I will be on a work permit for a maximum of three years. In that meantime, I will apply for a permanent resident card. I will start preparing to get admission to dental school. I will prepare for the dental admission test by exploring on the internet, reading books. I will collect enough knowledge to get more than twenty-five out of thirty in a dental admission test. When I become a permanent resident of Canada, I will get admission to a bachelor’s degree for three years and take courses related to the dental program. When I am done with my bachelor’s degree I will take a dental admission test and get more than 20 scores out of 30 scores. Then I will get admission into the dental school for four years to earn a dental degree in doctor of dental surgery. In dental school, I will focus on the classroom and other health and dental science. I will also do practical work under the supervision of a dental instructor. Moreover, I will also work as a volunteer, see the way doctors interact with patients. Therefore, for me, dentistry is one of the most satisfying careers because it will give me an opportunity to better humankind.

The second very crucial goal that I want to achieve in the next fifteen years is to become a psychologist. It is a long term goal and will be a lot of hard work. As I have already mentioned in my first paragraph about accomplishing my major goal by achieving short term goals. I have already talked about graduating from Alexander College in one year, will be on a work permit for three years, and apply for a permanent resident card. When I get my permanent resident card I will start my higher education by taking admission to a bachelor’s degree. I will complete my bachelor’s degree by taking courses related to clinical psychology in four years. In the clinical psychology program, there is a lot of competition. Therefore, I will maintain a higher grade point average. I will take notes, extra classes, participation, ask questions, and will get more knowledge by exploring the internet. In the next three years, I will take admission for a master’s degree in clinical psychology. I will complete my master’s degree by getting a higher score and research experience. After that, I will get enrolled in a doctorate degree. Where I will practice physically. I will see the clients in clinical settings and sharpen my clinical skills under the supervision of a licenced clinical psychologist. In 15 years I will become and stay licensed psychologist. Therefore, becoming a psychologist is one of the good chances to help in improving people’s lives by giving them new and better direction in life.

The third last but not least very important goal that I want to achieve in the coming seventeen years is to become a police officer. To become a police officer first I will achieve my short term goal such as i will first graduate from Alexander College in one year. I will be on a work permit for three years during that time. I will apply for a permanent resident card, and will complete basic requirements like i will get a valid driver’s licence, work as a security guard for an experience. I will also prepare for the entrance exam on the internet, an online free sample test. I will study the books available in the libraries. When I get my permanent resident card I will apply for citizenship and take admission for a bachelor’s degree for a maximum of four years. I will study courses related to law enforcement and collecte a lot of information to become a police officer. When i will be a citizen of Canada then i will give a law enforcement entrance exam and achieve more than 70% of marks and get admission to a police academy after nine years. I will graduate from the police academy with full training and the most important skills to serve as a police officer. In the academy, I will learn the skills and cover other many important topics such as search and seizure, criminal status, criminal status, traffic law, firearm training, driver training and become physically strong. Therefore, becoming a police officer is one of the best careers to serve people, maintain peace and discipline in the city.

To conclude, the hardest part of achieving success is to make planes and work on them to bring goals into reality. Therefore, setting goals is very important in life because it shows us where we are and where we want to be in life. Goals help us to grow, expand, pushing ourselves to transform into a better version of ourselves. So, goal setting is very useful as it makes us clear about our future plans and gives us the advantage of using our time accurately in accomplishing our goals.

Personal Aims of Life essay

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