My Goals After Graduation

Updated April 25, 2022

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My Goals After Graduation essay

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Happiness to me is also accomplishments. The day I graduated college was so fulfilling, graduating was an important step in my life as it is with many others. Knowing that all my hard work and dedication towards my future had finally paid off was a satisfying feeling. Being able to put my mind and energy into something and have it pay off brings great happiness to me. Accomplishing my goals gives me confidence in myself; it brings out the best side of me, builds me up, and helps me believe that I can achieve my future goals. It also gives me the confidence to trust and believe in people who can help lead and guid me to great opportunities. When I accomplish my life goals it makes me feel like I am contributing to society and that makes me happy; which in return makes me motivated. The consistency of applying myself to tasks and seeing it through and bringing the same powerful energy, purpose and focus everyday is what makes success possible. As much as accomplishing my own goals makes me happy being that role model for someone else or a motivator for someone brings me great pleasure and is a motivator on its own. In Richard Taylor “Virtue Ethics” he mentioned that the ancient standpoint on virtue was that it needed to make a difference in respect to human happiness, I agree with this that it should be a duty to help people around you to achieve happiness wether that be through motivating others or something simple as holding the door.

H.L Mencken article “ If You’re So Rich, Why Aren’t You Happy?” Really resonates with me; Mencken talks about the idea of wanting to be richer than the people around you and the perspective people have on their financial status may alter their idea of happiness. He also talks about how people use income to measure how they value themselves and the idea that if people compared themselves to someone who is on their level that they would be more happier. I agree with Mencken as my lifestyle brings me happiness, the way I live brings me happiness and it is something I want to maintain. In the article Mencken mentions the Hedonic Treadmill that he defines as the idea of feeling like you have to keep running in order for your happiness to stand still. Although I am pleased with my lifestyle there is always room for improvement, I want to work hard now so I do not have to later, but this does not mean that I am running to keep up with anyone else’s idea of how one should live, this chase is a personal one to reach my goal.

Aristotle theory on happiness involves achieving long term happiness; I agree with his theory and believe that the things that bring me happiness will leave me with a life long fulfillment. Lifestyle, love and accomplishments all work together and delivers long lasting love, for example lifestyle; having a decent home and a decent paying job will bring me happiness, love; I will always be loved that is a forever feeling and is something give in return, and finally accomplishments; accomplishing my goals wether they be big or small is something that gives off satisfaction which ultimately makes me happy.

My Goals After Graduation essay

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