Why I Interested about Mechanical Engineering

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A child’s mind is known to wander and wonder. I was no exclusion as even I had a questioning mind that would ask me as to how things worked and why that way. This never-ending curiosity of mine motivated me to learn about things in depth. Such an interest of mine later on helped me choose Engineering as my career. But why Mechanical Engineering in particular? The essence of the idiom “Seeing is believing” is the factor that drove me towards Mechanical Engineering.

An inquisitive mind put together with analytical and intellectual skills made me choose mechanical engineering for my undergraduate program that I pursued in Anna University, India. My questioning mind was even more provoked by the fact that none of my family members is a Mechanical Engineer, therefore I automatically wanted to learn things myself and yearned to study Engineering. My purpose of studying engineering was to implement what I learnt, in real time. The thrill in mechanical engineering which taught me how things worked, which I wondered as a child, developed even more interest to pursue an MS degree in the same subject.

An extensive year of employment as Production Engineer with Geetha Industries, Chennai followed right after my under graduation. During this period, I had prepared work plan schedule, monitored production processes, maintained stock, ensured quality control and analyzed and rectified reasons for defects which provided me with good exposure to machineries and industrial work apart from managing a small team of technicians.

Two more ardent years of work followed, whilst working as a Product Development Engineer for Funskool India Limited, I attained the cognition in product design and development. My work was to design and develop toys based on my ingenuity and inventiveness. Product Development is a culmination of one’s complete knowledge incorporating the cognitive content and experience in design, engineering and manufacturing processes.

It also involves invariant interaction between cross functional teams with no set boundaries for duties and responsibilities. These responsibilities brought different situations which put me in different scenarios where I have been able to make models, prototypes, decide on materials, consider costs and manufacturing feasibility, incorporate design changes and consistently improve thus enabling myself to bring out the creativity and helping me to learn.

At this juncture, I feel that my educational qualification coupled with the sound knowledge of leading edge engineering principles, process knowledge, tools, practices with emphasis on designing, building and testing systems that I have acquired have reinforced my goals and have developed a keen desire in me to pursue my Master’s course in Mechanical Engineering from your University, which would definitely equip me with comprehensive and specialized skills as an outcome of rigorous trainings in all aspects of Mechanical Engineering.

The other side of me stays awake for those in need and that made me an active member and the Official Photographer of an NGO called “Thuvakkam” based at Chennai. Our vision is to ensure people’s welfare and environment cleanliness. I have also been a scribe for children from St.Louis School for the Deaf and Blind. I am a regular blood donor as well.

Home to a plethora of world renowned personalities, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Botticelli, Christopher Columbus to name a few, Italy is the land of architecture, design and arts with good cultural background giving great importance to education and research field. The prehistoric Roman Empire, which was one of the largest empires in world history, was the birthplace of the numerical system, calendar and the Latin language from which the westerns languages were derived. Christianity originated in this country which is rich in diversity and cultural heritage. Thus it showcases tremendous potential in terms of employment opportunities in the field of engineering and design.

Milan, being the industrial and financial heart of Italy and a leading global city home to major Fashion, Automobile giants, provides me the right opportunity to excel and strive as an engineer in the field of Mechanical Engineering. Politecnico de Milano being one of the oldest Technical Universities in the world with the state of the art laboratory infrastructures, accomplished faculty and an international multicultural environment which would enable me to interact with different people from different parts of the globe thus helping me broaden my view.

My academic performance since schooling has been consistently good as I learnt my subjects out of interest and not just for the purpose of scoring. My learning process has been under a consistent curve which can be seen from my scores of 86.8% in class 10, followed by 90.42% in class 12 and a Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 8.38 in my bachelor’s, because of which I attained 6th rank in 129 students in the Department of Mechanical. A commendable band score of 8.0 in IELTS stands true to this fact. I am confident that I would continue to work with the same vigor in my Master’s program. Hence it would be an honor to pursue my Master’s degree at your well-regarded University if given an admit. It would help me in acquiring in-depth knowledge in the specialized field which would in turn help me carry on with my research work and reach great heights bagging laurels for your University.

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