PhD in Area of Mechanical Engineering is My Goal

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“The significant headway in material selection for parts and product development during the last two decades has been no small measure due to the impact of high technology, evident in the automobile, aerospace, marine, and metallurgy industries; and this has been extraordinary.”

My innate strengths of creative abilities and power of imagination made me inclined towards applied science; and this drove me to opt for math, physics and chemistry in high school. After graduation, I proceeded to Yaba College of Technology (YabaTech), Nigeria’s first higher institution, where I obtained both a diploma and a higher diploma degree in Mechanical Engineering (manufacturing and production concentration).

Courses like manufacturing processes, CAD/CAM, machine design, fracture of engineering materials, applied thermodynamics, control systems engineering, to mention but a few, revealed to me limitless horizons in the field of mechanical engineering. I worked on a research project titled “Design and Simulation of Elevator for Multi-Storey Buildings”. The project was focused on ‘Elevator Safety” and inspired from seeing failures of some elevators in my country. I designed and simulated an elevator system to understand the effect of loads on the system during peak and non-peak hours. I graduated in (20**) as one of the best students in the school with a CGPA 3.71/4.0 (93%).

With my passion for engineering increasing, I advanced to the University of Ibadan in (20**), to pursue my bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. I finished as the second-best student in my class with a CGPA 6.8/7.0 (97%). My consistency as a studious and diligent student till the end of my program earned me the Dean’s Roll of Honours award and numerous scholarships. I was also awarded the most outstanding student for academic excellence in my hall of residence. For my senior year thesis, I worked on “The Interface Design, Construction and Performance Evaluation of a Potentiostat-Galvanostat for Corrosion Rate Measurement”.

In this study, the performance of a designed potentiostat was evaluated using Mild Steel and Al-Zn-Mg as working electrodes (WE), immersed in 3.5% and 5% NaCl solutions. Ag/AgCl reference electrode (RE) and a platinum wire as a counter electrode (CE) were used. It enabled real-time determination of the instantaneous corrosion rates of the working electrodes. A manuscript for publication of the results is currently being worked on. Some of my term papers on pressing issues relating to mechanical engineering are, ‘The Prospect of Nanomaterial in Material Science’, ‘Causes of Failures in Engineering Materials’, and ‘Fracture of Engineering Materials’.

Working in the industry has also been an integral part of my journey in this field. I worked as an intern with the Sugar Production Refinery of Flour Mills of Nigeria (FMN) Plc, a food manufacturing company, as a maintenance engineer/CAD assistant. I was trained to test, detect, and rectify faults in machines, to prevent failures, and also design machine parts for production. I was exposed to welding and fabrication in details. These experiences have given me a robust exposure to technical knowledge and skills in the field of mechanical engineering.

The mechanical engineering department of Clemson University stands out for me for her vast involvement in material and material processing research, ranging from composite metamaterials design, multi-materials design & manufacturing, to nano & micro materials. This is evident by the works of Dr Hongseok Choi, Dr Rodrigo Martinez-Duarte, Dr Georges Fadel, Dr. Lonny Thompson, amongst other notable researchers at the department. I am seeking admission into her master’s program (thesis option).

My goal is to further to a PhD and become a renowned researcher in the area of materials and material processing. With the experience, knowledge and skills I have developed from conducting research in school and in the industry, I believe I will be able to contribute greatly to ongoing research efforts at the department and be a useful addition to the team. I am prepared to show more academic diligence and commitment to excellence if admitted into this program. I am hopeful the admission committee of this renowned research institution will deem fit my preparation, academic excellence, research experience, career goals, and thus, consider me for admission into the master’s program in mechanical engineering. I believe this is a step in the right direction to achieving my dream of a prolific research career in the material science and processing area of mechanical engineering.


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