Why I Need Doing Master’s in Mechanical Engineering

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Mechanical engineering is known to be as an evergreen branch of engineering. No matter how much the IT sector and CS sector overtakes the present world technologies; there will always be a need of a mechanical engineer. The basic fundamentals of mechanical engineering are required in applications of almost every engineering stream, although I have attained the knowledge of mechanical field from my bachelor’s, I still feel the need to enhance my knowledge by doing masters.

I was always interested in science since my early years at school so I wanted to choose science stream after completing the 10th standard. I scored the CGPA of 7.8 in my 10th standard, which was just above the threshold CGPA required for admission to science stream, yet on getting admitted to science with subjects; physics, chemistry, and maths, with hard work and dedication I was able to score 80% marks in my 12th standard. This boosted my self-confidence and made me believe that I can achieve my goal if I put on my best efforts. With these scores I was able to get enrolled in DAV Institute of Engineering & Technology (DAVIET) a prestigious institute in Punjab, India affiliated to I.K.G. Punjab Technical University, from where I completed my Bachelors of technology in mechanical engineering with 71.47% score.

I opted for bachelors of technology in mechanical engineering because as a kid I was fascinated by all kinds of automobiles and machines and I wanted to know how these things work. This curiosity kept on growing and acted as a reason for my interest in mechanical engineering. Apart from my interest, another reason for choosing mechanical branch was the respect of being a mechanical engineer. I aspire to be among the most knowledgeable ones at any place. Even as a kid and school going teen this was my one of my priority, hence I opted science and took it as a challenge. Now that I have completed B.Tech from DAVIET I feel proud and at the same time, I feel the need to do masters and to contribute to the field of mechanical engineering.

During my bachelors, I got the chance to study subjects like Machine Drawing, Theory of Machines, Engineering Materials and Metallurgy, Manufacturing Practices etc, but the ones I got interested the most were the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, Heat and Mass Transfer, Thermodynamics and Automobile Engineering. Besides the subject defined by the curriculum, I enrolled in the NPTEL online courses which were conducted by IITs and I attended a GIAN course (Global initiative of academic network) on Smart Manufacturing instructed by Dr. Andrew Kusiak.

In regard to my major project, which was a part of my bachelor’s syllabus, I along with my group mates decided to automate the process of tufting. A tuft is a bunch of threads emerging out of a carpet. Traditionally tufting is done with a hand-held tufting gun. We took on the project of feeding motion to the tufting gun. We decided to make a Two-Axis CNC machine and mount to it a tufting gun. We used stepper motors, Arduino and bearings to make the project. Freeware software like Universal G-code sender was used to control the motors via Arduino. Our project was appreciated by all the faculty of the mechanical department.

I completed my industrial training from Sonalika International Tractors limited, Hoshiarpur. The department which I was assigned to was the Incoming Quality Control, where the PPAP (Production Part Approval Process) documents were handled and the quality of outsourced components was checked. The training gave me ample knowledge about quality checking, manufacturing and assembly processes along with an idea of industrial management.

Canada is a first world country and is known for its welcoming nature towards international students. The Canadian education system is amongst the highest rated in the world; In fact, the education provided by Canada is not only superior but affordable as well, due to which as a student seeking to get a quality education, I find that Canada would be perfect education provider for me. Aside from quality education, the multicultural environment of Canada attracts me the most. People of all the races and religion live with harmony in Canada. I want to have a chance to study in such an environment where I can get a chance to interact with so many different people.

Doing Master’s would be an initial step towards the accomplishment of my goal of expanding my technical horizon. I aim to attain a quality education and international exposure and then to do even further specialization in the field of mechanical engineering by doing a doctorate degree. I want to do research in the field of RAC to tackle the problem of providing low temperature with sustainability. The knowledge and experience which I will gain in this endure will help me in providing my share toward this field to my home country, India. Thus, doing masters will trigger my career in the direction I hope for.

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