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A Synopsis of The Most Dangerous Game, a Short Story by Richard Connell

Pages 2 (349 words)

The Most Dangerous Game

At the beginning of the story, the hero and protagonist Sanger Rainsford is with someone named Whitney. They are both hunters. They discuss big game and hunting jaguars, and then they head off to sleep. During the night, Rainsford heads off into the sea with a yacht but then falls off it and must swim…

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Epistolary Style in the Ghost of Frankenstein

Pages 6 (1 262 words)




Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein is the universal narrative of a man reaching for too much and facing the consequences. Through a nested, epistolary narrative, allusions to the Odyssey, character foils, and Gothic elements, Frankenstein presents a journey towards balance and moral fortitude in a fast-paced world of scientific discovery still relevant today according to Elon Musk…

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Cyclops by David Sedaris Book Summary

Pages 3 (503 words)

Book Summary

David Sedaris

Aging: In the short story Cyclops, Sedaris’ father tells him about stories from “his childhood”… But, David Sedaris soon finds out that all the stories were a lie and his father was just trying to teach his children to be careful in life. The children did learn how to be vigilant, however, they grew up…

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Beneath the Surface: Unpacking Gender Norms in ‘Girl’ by Jamaica Kincaid

Pages 3 (538 words)


Introduction: In the literary world, brevity can often resonate just as profoundly, if not more so, than an extensive novel. Jamaica Kincaid’s “Girl,” a brief yet powerful short story, is a testament to this. With every line, Kincaid paints a vivid picture of a mother’s intricate instructions to her daughter. At a first glance, “Girl”…

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The Dangers of Linking Personality and Behavior to Language and Identity

Pages 3 (730 words)

Mother Tongue

In both of their essays both Tan and Staples they both shared their very own experiences with unpleasant people who were linking their personalities and behavior to their languages and identities. In the essay “Mother Tongue” written by Amy Tan, shows her readers how hard it is to be raised by a parent who speaks…

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Beowulf The Epic Hero Analytical Essay

Pages 7 (1 511 words)

Beowulf Epic Hero

Between the 450’s and 1100’s, the Anglo-Saxons lived in the Island of Briton, what is today Great Britain. These people were basically farmers and hunters, who lived in tribes that were considered tightly knit and fiercely loyal. These land was a constant prey for the Vikings, Romans and Celts (Britons), who in taking away their…

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Racist and Biased Treatments in Mother Tongue by Amy Tan

Pages 3 (693 words)


Mother Tongue


As children, we were subjected to different degrees of racism, prejudice, and stereotypes that existed before we were even born. As we grow up and mature, these pervasive ideas continue to wander around in our society, attacking one group after another. Likewise, in the essay “Mother Tongue” (1993), Amy Tan recalls several racist and biased…

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A View on the Gift of the Magi by O. Henry

Pages 3 (600 words)

The Gift of the Magi

The Gift of the Magi The parts that led to the end of the story are that Della was begging for money so that she could buy something for her husband for Christmas, but she only had $1.87. So in order to get the present for her husband she had to sell her hair for…

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Mrs. Sen’s Difficult Move From Her Hometown

Pages 5 (1 161 words)




28 September 2018 Moving to a new country can be a difficult transition for anyone. Many problems can arise for most people. One might struggle to learn a new language, laws, rules, or social norms. In “Mrs. Sen’s,” a short story, written by Jhumpa Lahiri, Mrs. Sen struggles to obtain a sense of empowerment. Mrs….

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Analysis of Any Tan’s “Mother Tongue”

Pages 2 (484 words)

Mother Tongue

“Mother Tongue” author of Amy Tan (1993) is to press that true that someone cannot tell the English diction to maturity, that does not in any journey force them less cognizant than someone who is innate in this rural and explains and pronounce English fluently. Amy Tan– “Mother Tongue” p. 96. Unmistakably the proposition is…

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