Someone named Eva 

Updated May 12, 2022

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Someone named Eva  essay

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The name of the book is called someone named Eva. And the author of this book is named Joan M. Wolf. Joan was born in 1966, and in The Bronx, New York City. Some of Wolf’s honors, and awards for her book Someone Named Eva are, she was a Society of Midland Authors Literary Competition finalist, and Joan was also nominated for a Cybil award for Middle- Grade fiction. Wolf is also a USA TODAY bestselling writer.

This book is about a girl named Milada, who lives in Czechoslovakia in a village called Lidice. The book starts out with celebrating Milada’s 11th birthday with her friends and her family. One day after her birthday Nazis come to there house and tell there family to pack a bag and to come with them. Milada is taken to a examination room, and they see whether she has the perfect Aryan features, which she does because she has blue eyes and blonde hair. She gets sent away, and got renamed Eva because it is more German. She is taught the German language, and then “Eva” is adopted by a German family. One day she hears a song that she remembers when she lived in Czechoslovakia. When Hitler dies and the war is over, Milada’s mom searches for her, Milada recognizes that they are looking for her. She finally sees her mother in Prague, and learns that a lot of her family was killed. She starts to learn, and retain her old language, and starts to go back to her old life.

The genre of this book is Historical fiction because these exact events didn’t actually happen. But has to do with historical events that actually happened. One of the things that took me back in history in the book was all of the different things that were happening to them that seemed to be normal to them. I think the life lesson of this book is that be thankful for what you do have, and don’t complain about what you don’t have.

What i think the author did well in this book is that i thought that she made all of the characters very realistic. Why i think that is because everything in the book was very believable. Some of the things that I did not like about this book is that it was kind of unrealistic that she would forget all about her old life in Czechoslovakia altogether. I feel this way because i think that i would remember my mom and who i used to be if i was taken away.

The part that had the most impact on me was honesty the whole book. I think this because the entire book is about her life and her struggle. This just makes me feel sad that humans could do such terrible things to other people. One of the quotes that I liked from this book is “Remember who you are Milada. Remember where you are from. Always”. I really liked this quote because it is important to remember who you are, and know in your heart where you are from.

God was not clearly represented in this book. But I did see God working throughout the story. God was working in this story by keeping Milada safe, and for her to not be killed. I saw him working in the story especially in the part where Milada remembers where she is from, and who she really is.

Someone named Eva  essay

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