Attitudes and Job Satisfaction

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There can be several reasons for Graham’s being unhappy and his attitude to spread. If a person is going through hardship in his personal life, then it will likely reflect his professional life. Graham may be facing some personal issues such as a family dispute, fight with his brother or sister, the recent death of a dear friend. As a manager, as soon as we see that our employees are unhappy, we should talk it out with our employees and make sure he/she is okay and what is bothering them so much that it reflects their work. The manager should conduct an in-house survey to ensure that the restaurant business is running smoothly and that all the employees are satisfied while working at the restaurant. This survey will determine the likelihood of job satisfaction and happiness among the employees while working at the restaurant. (Robbins & Judge, 2018)

The second reason has been the pay rate increment, tussle within fellow employees, and due promotion. These could negatively impact his behavior towards the job and fellow employees. If a person is giving all the effort and is not getting possible recognition, then it is understood that with such a mindset, an employee will be unhappy and eventually lose his interest at his job. This act can result in distraction from the situation and make him/her taking wrong orders and placing an order at the corrupt tables. These all can result in a negative impact in front of his superiors, and on the business side, it is the loss to them as they are losing an excellent employee and profits reduction as well. (Robbins & Judge, 2018)

As the restaurant manager, A suggestion and complaint box provisions are necessary for the restaurant where an employee puts an anonymous vote and opinion about the work environment, work culture, and behavior of fellow employees. These will help the manager and boss to get a bit of real and honest advice. The managers should also keep in mind that high pay alone is not the solution for creating job satisfaction in the work environment. They should also keep other factors in accounts such as their performance, turnover, absenteeism, and withdrawal behaviors and evaluate the fit between the employee’s work interests and the intrinsic parts of the job to create work that is challenging and interesting to the individual. (Robbins & Judge, 2018)


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