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American and French Revolution

“Winning was easy, young man, governing’s harder” (Miranda). Lin-Manuel Miranda’s musical Hamilton reflected on the chaos and unrest of creating a new nation from scratch, even after the success of the American Revolution. The questions which arose during times of instability led to the Enlightenment movement, which was a time period where philosophers advocated that…

American Revolution,

French Revolution

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The Women of the French Revolution

Women’s involvement in French Revolution contributed to the revolution significantly impacting a demand for political and legal rights. The philosophies for the French Revolution were set out in the ‘Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen’ which in theory assured freedom and equality to all sectors of civilization. Women in French Revolution…

French Revolution,


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Before, During and After French Revolution

Before the French Revolution Enlightenment European diplomacies, philosophy, science, and communications were completely reoriented during the course of the “long 18th century” as part of the campaign it had been associated to by its shareholders as the Age of Reason. It was also seen as an intellectual and philosophical movement that had ruled the world…

French Revolution,


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Napoleon as the Great French Leader

Napoleon, as one of the most influential figures of modern history, redefined what it meant to be a leader and what was required of an individual to reach the highest levels of success. He was the leader of one of the most incredible European empires to ever be on the continent and did it without…

French Revolution,



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Napoleon Bonaparte: A Hero or a Tyrant

There is many people that had a big impact in world history such as a statesman and a military leader called Napoleon Bonaparte. Napoleon had a very big impact in the French revolution as he set new rules, he is known for being the first emperor of France and the world’s greatest military leader. Napoleon…

French Revolution,


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Why I Suppose Napoleon was Tyrant

Napoleon was either a tyrant or hero, each person has their own opinion in what he was back then when he used to rule in the 1800s. He was born on Corsica in 1769 and attended military school at the age of 9. Right away Napoleon seized power when the French Revolution broke out. Some…

French Revolution,



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George Orwell’s Animal Farm Book Review

George Orwell’s Animal Farm is a fascinating book which describes the Russian Revolution. Although the film is animated, George did well to make sure the novel presented the message of the revolution. George gave the impression that the book followed along the lines of the Russian Revolution by pointing out the names of the three…

Animal Farm,


George Orwell,


Russian Revolution

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Animal Farm Book Review

The book starts off with Jones heading to bed. After Jones heads to bed the animals meet up at the barn. A pig, named Old Major, tells them about a dream he had that animals live a great life and free from the humans. After that meeting Old Major soons dies. After the Major’s death…

Animal Farm,



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Napoleon’s Reforms and Strategic Concepts

Napoleon did two reforms that changed the way of how to climb to higher ranks in the army and these reforms caused him to gain a much more solid loyalty and by promoting people because of their performance rather than social background, increased the quality of the army significantly. Napoleon refined previously used tactics of…



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Napoleon’s Defeat in Russia

Bonjour, tu parle français? This question is one that as a mainly English-speaking American, you rarely if ever encounter. However, had Napoleon saw his “destiny” enacted fully it could’ve been. By the year 1811 Napoleon was the Emperor of a France that controlled most of continental Europe with the expectations of Britain to the west…



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French Revolution has been one of the most important events of recent history as it turned the whole political situation in Europe upside down and gave rise to one of history’s most prominent individuals – Napoleon Bonaparte. This event has shaped the entire world, not just one nation, in more ways than one. It is rather challenging to encapsulate the whole impact of the even in a single French Revolution essay, but what you can do is focus on its separate aspects. You can even talk about its direct and indirect influences on American history, or you can write the causes of the French Revolution essay to dive deeper into what really happened there. An essay on the French Revolution can be as exciting as you’d make it to be, so you should put in some time and study it through and through to find some aspects that interests you in particular. For sure, there is a wealth of spectacular events and individuals to discuss in relation to this historic event, so you’ll be having a good time exploring it.

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