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Was the Black Death More Than Just a Disease?

The Black Death is well known as one of the deadliest diseases. According to Haensch, “the Black Death killed tens of millions of people in Europe, leaving misery and devastation in its wake, with successive epidemics ravaging the continent until the 18th century” (par. 1). The Black Death began because of Yersinia pestis, bacteria from…



Medieval Europe

Comparison of Renaissance and Baroque Styles

In the course of art history, many different art forms have been practiced. Baroque art and Renaissance art are two representative art forms. There are many similarities and differences between the two artistic periods. Next, article will introduce the artistic styles of the two periods, and compare the two periods with their similarities and differences….


Poets and Revolutionary in Romanticism

Romanticism is an important literary movement. Romanticism began in Western Europe during 17th century went on till 18th century. And the French Revolution began in 1789 is an important event that had great effect on Romanticism, influencing romantic writers and inspiring them to address themes of democracy and human rights which resulted in a complete…



Enlightenment in Relationship with Romanticism

In the following essay, the topic of Enlightenment in relationship with Romanticism will be discussed and examined in a thorough manner. First, let’s distinguish the difference between both time phases. The Enlightenment era, known as a time of illumination by the light of reason, consisted of individuals who valued reason above all else. It was…



Romanticism: Poem by John Keats “Bright Star”

Romanticism refers to a period in history beginning in 1780s, either with the outbreak of the French Revolution in 1789, or with the publication of Wordsworth’s and Coleridge’s Lyrical Ballads in 1789 and ending in the 1830s. Romanticism is the movement/ historical period (Baldick, C. 2008). ” Romanticism is one of the most important historical…



The Scarlet Letter: Tale of Love and Sin

Seducing human passion, The Scarlet Letter examines the struggle of a condemned sinner and the power of love. As one of the most widely read books in American fiction, Nathaniel Hawthorne describes the fictional account of Hester Prynne, Arthur Dimmesdale, Roger Chillingworth, and Pearl in the epic style of Romanticism in one seventeenth-century Puritan village…



The Scarlet Letter

Romanticism in the Novel “Huckleberry Finn”

The novel Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain is a brilliantly scribed story about a young man who sees the world differently compared to others around him. Throughout the novel, author Mark Twain reveals a new vision of romanticism. As Huck and Jim travel together throughout the story, Huck has to battle what society is telling…

Huckleberry Finn,



Imperialism and European Nationalism

Imperialism and European Nationalism were two of the four main contributing factors to the cause of World War One, also including secret alliances, and militarism. These two factors were important causes of WW1, because they created an increase of tension in Europe and outside of Europe. Through imperialism and nationalism, the two other causes were…


The Artistic Rise of Romanticism

By the end of the 18th century, the word romanticism was initially used to represent new ideas in painting and literature, then was later selected by musicians to identify the shifts in musical style after the turn of the century. Preceded by the artistic eras of the Renaissance, Baroque, Classical and Neoclassical, the Romanticism Movement…



Subgenre of Romanticism – Dark Romanticism

As a subgenre of Romanticism, Dark Romanticism differenciates itself from its main source with the prevalent emphasis on the fallibility of the human and sin. As indicated by Dark Romantics, even good individuals deviate towards a world of sin, transgression and self destruction, as they believed humans were drawn to evil. Dark Romanticism, without the…



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