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The First Period of History – The Foundation of the Jamestown Colony

Pages 2 (331 words)




The periods bind and outline the history into nine separate eras of history with distinctive components. Period One makes up 5% of the AP Test, Periods 2-5 make up 45%, Periods 6-8 make up 45%, and Period Nine is the last 5%. Period One (1491-1607) covers from the re-discovery of the New World to the…

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Cuba’s Impact on The United States of America

Pages 12 (2 879 words)

Cuban Missile Crisis



Cuba is a nation of islands about ninety miles away from the Florida Keys. About one third of the area is mountainous, which includes Guaniguanco chain, the largest system Sierra Maestra, Pinar del Rio, and the Escambrey (everyculture.com, 1). The current population of Cuba is about 11.8 million people. The nation descended from European and…

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Anti-Slavery Movement in the United States

Pages 6 (1 396 words)

African American History


Jim Crow Laws

Its a dependable fact that the African American people group is ceaselessly being exploited by police and arrangements that have been set up, since our nation’s establishment. Despite the fact that servitude was annulled after the common war, bondage keeps on existing through our country’s restorative offices. African Americans have been smothered using the twofold…

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History Discussion: Conquering of Indian Nations

Pages 3 (556 words)



Native American

There were three main aspects that enabled the Spaniards to defeat the mighty Aztec nation. The Spanish had an incredible fleet of soldiers and sea vessels, they introduced small pox and other catastrophic diseases to the Aztec population, and they enlisted the help of local allies willing to assist in order to escape the brutal…

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Effects of the Columbian Exchange on the Old and New Worlds

Pages 3 (605 words)

Columbian Exchange


The Columbian exchange refers to a period of worldwide exchange of people goods, technology, ideas, and diseases between the Old and New Worlds. The cultural diffusion of various nations transformed both European and American ways of life. Beginning after Columbus’ discovery in 1492, this exchange existed throughout the years of exploration and expansion, impacting the…

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History of Fashion in the 1990s

Pages 3 (659 words)



Decade to decade, fashion has changed and circled back over and over again, but perhaps some of the most memorable fashion movements have stemmed from styles born in the 90s. From 80’s shoulder pads and blazers, emerged 90’s flannel shirts and denim jackets. Casual fashion shifted from bright and poppy to sleek and chic, revolutionizing…

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History of Mali and Ghana Empires in Africa

Pages 3 (682 words)




Mali and Ghana empires had different luxury trading goods such as gold, ivory and animal skins. In Africa around 325 to 360 BCE at the height of the Aksum empire due to Africa’s location, multiple sea and land trade routes connected to India, Africa became one of the hotspots for trade. The African and Indian…

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Early Christianity

Pages 10 (2 359 words)




“Christianity” is a term used to refer to people who believe in and worship Jesus Christ, their savior, and Messiah. The world’s first Christians were attacked, mocked, imprisoned, and some martyred. Christian values have now spread across the globe. However, it may not be prudent to overlook the fact that early Christians laid the foundation…

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Social Classes in Ancient Rome

Pages 8 (1 753 words)

Ancient Rome


Rome was a society based on family. Every family belonged to a social class which in turn, built Rome and enabled it to function and grow. History proves that without these social classes, Rome slowly deteriorated as the population grew smaller and smaller. These classes include the upper class, middle class, workers, and slaves. These…

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Mahatma Gandhi’s Peaceful Protests

Pages 3 (534 words)


Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi was born on October 2, 1869 and died January 30, 1948. Employing nonviolent civil disobedience, Gandhi led India to independence and inspired movements for civil rights and freedom across the world. After his return to India in 1915, he set about organising peasants, farmers, and urban labourers to protest against excessive land-tax and…

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If you are a history student, you might have to write tons of essays about history of different civilizations, social movements, prominent individuals, wars, and all sorts of important events that shaped our society. You might want to start familiarizing yourself with the history essay examples as soon as possible because you are going to write a ton of those through years of studying.

Usually, when you think about the history essay, you imagine a discussion of a certain event and its effect upon the further events. Basically, that’s what it is but there are all sorts of writing assignments in the field, and your college teacher might come up with a variety of topics that would be both exciting and really challenging.

Discussing the events is not enough, a truly profound historical essay discusses a broad set of issues related to the event and gives an evaluation of its effect upon further developments. You should focus on delivering quality content and giving your audience the answers to all the possible questions regarding the even or significant individuals who shaped history.

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