James Madison and the Creation of the American Republic

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Jack N. Rakove, author of James Madison and the Creation of the American Republic, is a professor at Stanford university. Some of his main interests are in History and American studies and political science. Rakove has taken part in writing six books, some of which were recognized as either a Pulitzer prize winning book or a finalist for the George Washington prize. ”Revolutionaries: A New History of the Invention of America” by Rakove, is a well written book that provides new insights on history was a finalist for the George Washington prize. “Original Meanings: Politics and Ideas in the Making of the Constitution” also written by Rakove won a Pulitzer Prize. Rakove who was an accomplished author, was also an editor of seven other books. After researching each review and the different opinions for his books from readers, every book written by Rakove attracted every age group from teenagers to the elderly. Rakove’s main points throughout his books are clearly addressed and displayed.

James Madison who was the fourth president of the United States and who was a founding father of the United States, had a long journey which led him to these two major accomplishments in his life. Jack N. Rakove displays the process of how our nations constitution was created, and the way Madison fought for his beliefs and opinions to improve something for the better. Rakove’s main goal was to show the life of James Madison and the foundation our constitution was created on, and how this same foundation still supports our nation today.

In researching this book, Rakove personally read through and understand where Madison was in his stage of life when writing about the different ways Madison helped change and form something. Rakove shows the validness of his points and facts by using facts and statements that Madison believed in. For example, Rakove said, “Madison valued intellectual consistency, but he was never a rigid ideologue. He took lessons from experience, and then converted them into both practical applications and theoretical insights.” Rakove showed Madison’s way of living, and how he took scenarios and what he did with that information. Rakove carefully read through documents and secondary sources of each part of history, and once he understood each part he put it all together like a puzzle piece. Throughout the book, there was occasional footnotes. Rakove puts in every part of how our government was created and most parts of how James Madison influenced something. Rakove did not put anything in the book that did not go for the purpose of getting his main point across.

Rakove shows his respect for James Madison, while still addressing the good and the bad of Madison. Rakove does not try to hide things that Madison had done, instead he addresses James Madison with honesty. Rakove shows Madison’s impatience, while also showing his desire to do more. Rakove does not take lightly the struggles that the American Republic went through because he wants readers to see the nation would not be what it is today without what happened before it. Rakove however abruptly ends the book, whereas he could have addressed a better conclusion and sum up his purpose of the book better. The way Rakove had the book set up, helped readers pick up the time and the way things built on each other. Rakove shows how Madison made his way to the top, and how he had to work hard and earn it.

Rakove illustrated the image of where the government was back then. Rakove wants people who are not educated on history to understand wat had to happen for the nation to be where it is today. Rakove wants people to see the effect James Madison had on the creation of the American Republic. Since Rakove was addressing people who were learning history, he could have made his writing livelier and more interesting. At times, I found myself not wanting to keep reading and pursuing the book. Not to say this was not a good book, it was a great book, but I think with some more stories and less facts this book would benefit. Personally, the information I knew about James Madison and the process of how our nation was weak, so I benefited a learned a lot from this book. James Madison and the Creation of the American Republic by Jack N. Rakove displays James Madison’s influence on our nation, and how the foundation set many years ago supports our nation today.

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