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African American History is One of the Most Interesting and Toughest Subjects to Talk

Thesis: African American history is one of the most interesting and toughest subjects to talk about because everyone has their opinions and their point of view about African American History. The topic is difficult to speak on. Every Tuesday and Thursday I go to my Africana American Studies class and learn something new every day….

African American History,

Black History Month

African Americans History

Imagine this; it’s during the 1950s and you are an African American and whites are discriminating against you for no reason. Times start to become even harder than before. You are in school, and you want to use the restroom, but you must go all the way across the school because you can’t use the…

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African American History,

Malcolm X,

Martin Luther King

Women in African American History

Throughout African American history women have been a major part of it. “The word trope has also come to be used for describing commonly recurring literary and rhetorical devices, motifs or clichés in creative works.” The tropes of battle and women empowerment are viewed through many pieces of texts in black history, one of them…

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Key Marks in African American History

African Americans have had a different history than those of any other. We will be looking at the lives and roles of African Americans during different times of key marks in American history. The first key point in history in which we will be observing the roles of African Americans is the Harlem Renaissance. Originally…

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American History

History of African American from 15th Century to the Present Day 

The United States of America has always been a country where racism towards black people is very prominent. Black people in America, while still being discriminated today, have come a long way from what it was like in the 15th century. The work of activists and brave individuals who decided to stand up in what…

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From Slavery to the Black Lives Matter: African American History

Since the initial formation of the 13 colonies that led to the greater United States, race has played a consequential if not the most essential role in the acceptance or rejection of a man. Beginning with the slaughter and displacement of those native to the Americas and slowly transitioning to the enslavement of the African…

African American History,

Black Lives Matter,


Begin of African Americans History

Barack Obama reflected upon Africa’s past as, ‘The worst thing that colonialism did was to cloud our view of our past’, in his book ‘Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance’. African-Americans are Americans of African and especially black African ancestry. They are now living as equals to white Americans, but their…


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African American History: Racism and Civil Rights Movement during 1960s

Racism in America has evolved, but not for the better. African Americans do not face the same harsh treatment they did during slavery, however, they are still being treated poorly. Racism has manifested itself in a different way, it has become more internalized rather than external. The treatment towards black people has evolved from slavery,…

African American History,

Civil Rights Movement,


Historical Context Of racism, August Wilson and Its Influences On Fences 

Fences takes place in the era of segregation in the United States, when many public spaces were only open to whites and closed-off to blacks. Augustus Wilson examines the racial tension and the cultural imbalance among the African Americans during 1950s. It also occurs at a time of a burgeoning black rights movement of the…


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African American Women in Hidden Figures

Introduction Background of Study The world is full of people with different identities such as race, sex, class, sexuality, or religion. Somehow, not everyone in society gets treated equally, many people experienced discrimination that is based on their identities. Roberts argued that discrimination happens because they have the identity that is considered as bad or…

African American History,

Gender Equality,

Hidden Figures

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