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Italian Renaissance vs. Northern Renaissance Compare And Contrast

The literal definition of Renaissance is “rebirth”, and both Italian and northern renaissance is a great example of this. They had similar and different rebirth but they both had to do with culture, art, values, and beliefs. People in the italian renaissance focused on a person’s success and role in society, and this shows they…




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Essay About How Did Humanism Effect The Renaissance

Where would we be today as a society of people without the Humanistic approach brought by the Renaissance? It’s a fearsome thing to ponder about but also a very relevant inquiry. We could very well still be enduring the Middle Ages, making very few intellectual and societal advances while mostly relying on the Church for…



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Comparison of Renaissance and Baroque Styles

In the course of art history, many different art forms have been practiced. Baroque art and Renaissance art are two representative art forms. There are many similarities and differences between the two artistic periods. Next, article will introduce the artistic styles of the two periods, and compare the two periods with their similarities and differences….


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How did the renaissance change man’s view of the world

One way that the Renaissance changed man’s view of the world was through pictures that they painted. During the Medieval times, artists mainly focused on everything being religious. The paintings weren’t very detailed and didn’t have much background to it. Every medieval picture looked the same. Same facial expressions, same people, and most of them…


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Contrast Between Northern Renaissance and Italian Renaissance

The art from the Northern Renaissance strongly differs the art from the Italian Renaissance. One major difference between them is that art from the Italian Renaissance was more classical, while art from the Northern Renaissance was much more medieval. While both styles share similarities, it is the small, yet important, details that show that Italian…




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Francis 1 Was a Renaissance Person

Francis The 1 Of France was born on September 12, 1494, in Cognac, France. Francis 1 and his sister, Marguerite, were raised by their mother, Louise of Savoy, who was widowed at the age of 20 years old. Francis 1 has always been intrigued by romance, songs and violent, yet classical studies, such as, hunting,…



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History of Northern and Southern Renaissance

The Northern and Southern Renaissance is often seen as the “Golden Age”, as many new creations were developed. Although, both the Northern and Southern Renaissance introduced us to many different innovations, both sides were different, especially when it came to terms of humanism, etc. The Renaissance era innovated the arts, literature, architecture, sciences, politics, religion,…



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History and Culture of Renaissance

The word renaissance literally means “ rebirth” in French. The renaissance was the time period when there was a rebirth of art and literature between the 1400 and 1600 century. The renaissance began in Italy, where creative ideas grew largely in number, this led to the renaissance being a very influential time period. Ancient Greek…




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Science in the Italian Renaissance 

Between the 14th and 17th centuries, Europe had experienced a monumental shift in the way they perceived the world. This period, known as the Renaissance, was marked by extraordinary achievements in art and architecture, as well as sweeping advancements in everything from mathematics and science to law and medicine. While this period was influenced by…

Galileo Galilei,


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History and Impact of the Renaissance

Have any of you ever wonder of the history of the theories we know, and the paintings we see in the museum, and how it impacts the society? Before answering this question Have any of you ever heard of the renaissance? The term renaissance means rebirth. This word has been used to describe the historical…




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