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Long development of art history

In the long development of art history, mirrors have been given a lot of meaning by artists (Greed for power, the desire for human nature …), in many artworks, mirrors are given important connotations. The artist expressed the character relationship and ideological orientation in the picture at that time through the expression of mirror reflection….

Art History

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History of Two Art Period

Introduction What is art? Art is something that is created with imagination and skills and that is beautiful or that expresses ideas or feelings. In art, there is nothing called wrong, each person may have a different view of the piece.an artist will draw something that he may find unique or special and in his…

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Art Movements,


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Expansion of Colonialism in History of Art

Art, as with any other form of communication, is a way to transmit a message and influence an audience. Art can inspire, impact and expand the audience’s point of view, yet it can also be used to translate racist ideologies. An example of that is given in a Brazilian colonial art piece,“Ham’s Redemption”, where a…


Art History,


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History of Feminist Art

Art is frequently a vehicle for social change. It can offer voice to the politically or socially disappointed. A song, film or novel can stimulate feelings in the individuals who experience it, motivating them to rally for change in which artists transform their ideas into sophisticated and challenging works of art. Feminism is a social…

Art History,


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History of Canadian Visual Art

The Invisible Indigenous: How the Colonial Gaze Influenced the Group of Seven’s Vision of Canada’s Visual Identity The colonial gaze is defined as “the way in which the colonial agenda seeks to maintain and legitimate power by determining colonial realities, including the dehumanization of colonial subjects and the perpetual separation of Us (colonizers, civilized) and…


Art History,


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Ancient Chinese Art

Abstract Ancient china lined a sizeable and dynamical politics landscape and also the design is made over 3 millennia is unsurprisingly even as mixt. Still, in spite of continuous autochthone technical developments adjustments in constituents and tastes and also the impact of foreign ideas, there are positive selves intrinsic in Chinese art that create it…


Art History,


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Relationship Between Art and History

Art has been a huge fascination since the beginning of recorded history. People of all ages partake in creating magnificent art pieces all around the globe. Whether its a painting, a drawing, or an architectural design each and every piece of artwork is unique. Art can really be anything you make it out to be….


Art History,


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Art History:  Magical Realism and Surrealism

Magical realism and surrealism are both a type of visual art, they are different from what’s considered normal its unique art. In the novel Bless Me, Ultima by Rudolfo Anaya it’s about a six year old boy named Antonio who starts to question everything he does, thinks, and dreams about, the novel focuses on a…


Art History

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Impact of the Salon Des Refuses Exhibition on the History of Modern Art Argumentative Essay

The salon des refuses in the French word means ’the exhibition of reject or the salon of the refused’. The salon des refuses was an Academy of fine Art (Painting, Sculpture and Architecture, etc). the officials of the salon academy expected the artist to work from their studios rather than anywhere else. Academic painting of…

Art History,

Art Movements

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Greek Arts and Its Effect on Modern Art

“Painting is silent poetry and poetry is paint that speaks” -Plutarch During the golden age of Greece, art flourished. From sculpture, to theater, there are many examples of amazing entertainment from Ancient Greek culture. All of these art forms heavily influence art today. The first art form in Greece was sculpture. Dating all the way…

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Art History

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