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Analysis of Anti-Semitic Propaganda and Holocaust

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Nazi Germany


The Holocaust was one of the most profound events in the whole of history which has been divided between two school of thoughts for centuries; the Intentionalists and the Functionalists viewpoints. Intentionalists believed that the Holocaust was primarily the result of Nazi anti-semitism and that there was a direct line from Hitler’s early writings to…

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Concentration camps During Holocaust

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Adolf Hitler


Nazi Germany

Holocaust Investigation Concentration camp and a death camp The first concentration camp was established in March of 1933. The Dachau camp was established by the Nazi government. Hitler described the concentration camp as “the first concentration camp for political prisoners”. Dachau camp was built on the grounds of an abandoned munitions factory, this was near…

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Holocaust as a Catalyst of the State’s Founding

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United Nations

Before the Holocaust, Zionism was already in existence. Tel Aviv being founded in 1909 was the first Hebrew speaking city, yet Zionist settlements were popping up around Palestine since the 1800s and becoming increasingly popular. After the Holocaust, these Zionist Jewish settlements, all comprised of mainly European Jews, some of which were kibbutzim, were seen…

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Effect of Holocaust and Dehumanization on People’s Lives

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Nazi Germany



World War 2

Holocaust is a title that has a lot of meaning to human beings and special ways to be looked at. Before 1920 the whole lot in Germany used to be great, it had an excellent economy had a lot of enterprise until 1933 when the Nazi birthday party bought into power. In these instances, the…

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Do Not Let The World Forget Holocaust

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Hate Crime


Nazi Germany

World War 2

The Holocaust began on September 1, 1939 which was also the time when World World War II began and life for the Jews became harsh when the Germans invaded and tried to hunt down and exterminate all the Jews. The “Final solution” was led by the notorious leader Adolf Hitler and was a Nazi plan…

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Children During Holocaust

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On September 1, 1939, a terrible event called the Holocaust, lead by Adolf Hitler, was taking place. When the war began 1.6 million Jewish children lived where German armies were; one million of those children, along with thousands of Gypsy children and German children that were ill, mentally or physically disabled, or were too young…

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Holocaust and Faith in a Novel Night

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Jack Werber, a Holocaust survivor and author, stated, “Escape was not our goal since it was so unrealistic. What we wanted was to survive, to live long enough to tell the world what happened.” The idea of survival in concentration camps during the Holocaust is prolific in Elie Wiesel’s personal narrative, Night. The novel focuses…

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The Story of Holocaust in Novel “Night” by Elie Wiesel Book Review

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Book Review



Night by Elie Wiesel

The story of Night tells of Eliezer’s experiences in the Holocaust. Elie’s faith in God changed numerous times. In the beginning, Elie worshiped God unconditionally. He remained faithful to God during the deportation of the Jews and even made a thanksgiving prayer after their sudden arrival at Auschwitz. Elie struggles to cling to his faith…

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A Visit to Holocaust Museum

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Nazi Germany

Over the summer when my grandma visited us, she wanted to spend a day in Washington D.C. to go look at museums and one of the museums we went to was the Holocaust museum. Since an assignment was to visit a museum that relates to one of the topics we have discussed in this course,…

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Holocaust in Night and Do Wounds Ever Heal?

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Elie Wiesel


Night by Elie Wiesel

There were 2.7-3.6 million Holocaust survivors. These people experienced something that was largely thought to be eradicated – mass genocide. They watched their friends, their family, everyone they know dies. They experienced inconceivable situations. In the novel Night and a paper Do Wounds Ever Heal? the fact that the Holocaust had immense psychological effects on…

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Holocaust is unarguably one of the most tragic events in the history of humanity and certainly the most tragic in the 20th century. If you want to write an essay about the Holocaust, you need to study that topic in-depth because there’s a lot of ground to cover and a lot of Holocaust essay topics to choose from. You can discuss the political reasons behind Hitler putting German Jews under pressure in the late 1930s or you can discuss Hitler’s personal unquenched hatred for Jewish people in your Holocaust essay. The very fact that so many people participated in the mass killings and seem to have been fine with what was going on is mindboggling, so you can discuss the social and psychological factors behind the banality of systematic evil that’s been happening in Germany back in the late 1930 and up to the end of World War 2. Holocaust truly is one of the darkest pages in our common history, and we should all remember it and keep in mind the threat of systematic evil sanctioned by our leaders.

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