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Ebola Virus Disease What Factors Caused the Spread of the Disease

Background Whether Plague, SARS, H1N1, MERS, Zika or, now again, Ebola, emerging pathogens continue to challenge us in public health (Shah, 2016). Ebola virus disease (EVD), described as a behavior-driven epidemic is caused by an infection with one of the three Ebola virus strains: Zaire, Sudan and Bundibugyo (CDC, 2015; (Gostin, Lucey, & Phelan, 2014)….


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Schizophrenia and the Analogy Was Computers

This article introduces the reader to how neuroscience has helped to view schizophrenia within the brain, it also starts to introduce the problem that manifest illness occurs long after the actual onset of schizophrenia. When symptoms become diagnosable it is often too late to treat the disorder. Next, methods of detection are listed, starting with…




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The Onset of Ebola Virus Disease

Ebola was named for alittle section near Maridi, Sudan. Since microorganism infection disease first appeared in 1967 there are more than 100 occurrences of viral hemorrhagic fever with appallingly 5 hundredth of the patients gnawing the soil at between times days of their exceptional signs. microorganism infection disease is reviewed as partner examination four expert…


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Role of Heating Conditions on Microcrack

Objectives:  To investigate the range of material property variation observed in conventional roll forming and how it affects part shape quality and specific shape defects like twist, flare, and bow.  To separately understand the effect of residual stress and microstructure on roll forming process robustness and component shape.  Based on the above to develop and…



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My Mother Is an Influential Person in My Life

A nurse is someone who is caring and compassionate. They are sensitive to patient’s needs and do everything they can to better people’s health. I believe nursing is an art mixed with science, it takes a certain type of person to be a good nurse. When graduating from kindergarten at the age of five, we…

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Death and Disposal

Dead Burying the dead is a very common tradition across almost all human cultures. The practice helps much of humanity cope with the loss of a friend, loved one, or just a comrade in the same army. It is one of the very few special things that humans do that almost any other living thing…


Day of the Dead,


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Public Health Policy Research Paper

Worldwide, tobacco remains to be the most significant preventable cause of death and disease. Reflecting off of the drastic progress over the years of people who smoke, the existing rates can not be counted as a favorable outcome. In 2017, the current smoking rate has declined from 20.9 % in 2005 to 14.0% in 2017….

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Various Ethical Issues in Nursing

Nurse managers are responsible for not only managing the nurses on the unit, but also ensuring the quality of care of patients, maintaining the welfare of the staff, and being in charge of the healthcare organization. They also have ethical responsibilities to uphold. Ethics involves having the care and safety of patients as the priority….

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Why Become A Nurse,

Why I Want to Be a Nurse

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My Sister Is the Most Influential Person in My Life

My desire to do this course has been my growing interest into nursing as it strikes me as a worthwhile and satisfying career to choose. There have been many occasions during my life that I have spent at hospital; most recent being admitted for months. The nurses who cared for me always drew my admiration…

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Hemingway’s Depiction of War Through the Main Character of Soldier’s Home

The use and creation of new weapons in the early 1900s like machine guns and dangerous gases left lasting physical wounds on soldiers. With these physical wounds came mental wounds that physicians of the time had never dealt with before. With the brutal tasks and imagery that soldiers came face to face with fighting in…



Mental Health

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