Important Character Traits for Entrepreneur

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In current days the character’s traits of a prosperous entrepreneur is one of the most debatable questions. A good entrepreneur have certain manners and attributes. Some people say that being positive is the most demanded factor, while others are convinced that nothing can be more important than confidence and high self-esteem. Not every one can start a business. Starting a business means having particular character, volition and big ambitions.

Today starting a new business is becoming more challenging than it was before, because in the labor market there is high competition, many spheres of labor market are taken. Only the most ambitious people who have leadership skills can set up a business and even make it recognizable and prosperous. Some scopes in circumstances of 21st century are already taken and only the most active and hard-working can set up a business and make it flourish. This essay will determine what are the most important things, without which traits can not exist an businessman.

A lot of words can be found to describe a perfect characteristics of prosperous person who is connected with business area. It is known that the most important one is high self-esteem, belief in yourself and confidence. This signifies that in setting up a business an entrepreneur must take it into consideration that there will be difficulties and that there will be a high level of competition. An businessman should be confident enough to talk with competitors or clients as an example. The second principle and major characteristic is that an entrepreneur have to be hard working.

Starting a new business mean that a person has to do a lot of work, which is not always easy. It is a difficult process, that require a lot of power, ability to work a lot, an ability to do a lot of tasks. One of the well-known person Bloomberg mentioned that hard working is everything. He told that luck is not such an important thing as a hardworking. For young generation who want to set up a business it would be applicable to take an example from people who have a experience in this field. There are many cases when in the beginning people failed but they did not give up and started to work to reach a progress and grow into the best businessmen.

Also Bloomberg advised not to give up and not to listen to the opinions of people who have already failed. Depressed people and people who are wiling to do nothing people will constantly be grumble about something and only the strongest will go further. At the same time the billionaire Bloomberg says that there is nothing bad about the mistakes. Misapprehensions make people powerful and they become more experienced.

Another main traits of character is that the person who have a business should be resolute and a strong leader. A person should be able to take the right decisions quickly. Also it is well-known fact that a businessman must be a leader. He should be brave enough to do such thing as entrepreneurship. Leadership skills are very vital in 21st century.

From an early childhood parents try to form the leadership experience of their kids, because they know that the leadership experience is influencing the level of life and further future and job that kids will have. Today even the courses about leadership are widely spread in many countries. It is thought that shy people can not achieve career growth. Being a pacesetter means to be able to talk with employees, make them interested and to make others follow him or her. A leader should have a strong understanding how to work and communicate with people, how to make others want to make what he or she wants to.

There are a lot of types of leadership. Like autocratic, bureaucratic and others. Anyway only the leader by himself/herself chooses the style according to which she or he will be working with employees. He / she might want to work with effective kinds of leadership like democratic and consider the opinion of every employee, or he /she might to want work in the opposite direction –in autocratic way. In autocratic kind of leadership the opinion of the working command is not the main focus of an employer.

The leader mostly focus on his desires. Leader should be able to make others to follow his/her ideas. Supervisor should make a strong team, where the interests of every one are heard. Leader should pay attention to each member of a team, support the members of a team in a difficult time. At the same time the leader must evaluate the situation soberly and be fair to the workers. So if the workers have violate some law of the company, the director should take it into account and in order to be equitable and fair take some certain measures. Leader can not be alone. In Russian language there is a proverb: “One is not a fighter in the field”. Of course it is not the direct meaning. It means that the system in business aspect is a common work of all employees of the command.

The supervisor should also pay attention and be attentive to everything what is happening around, especially consider what developments are there in a modern market circumstances. One of the main traits of character is that a leader should have is a perfect time-management. It is true that nowadays time-management is an important key aspect in life of people, especially of directors of firms and businessmen. Without effective time-management the leader will not be able to make the priorities in tasks and will not get what exactly is needed for a company. As an outcome the employees will behave the same way the employer is behaving and his style as well and it will not work effective.

Being organized and being able to set objectives in particular time, planning is the key to success not only considering business sphere but in all spheres of life. Person with bad time-management will not be able attract the clients, because he /she is always late, because it shows disrespect. With that kind of person directors of other organizations will not want to work, clients will not buy the product from a person who is late. Time-management is everything. Considering the history of well-known personalities, who have prosperous business, it can be said that all of them mentioned time-management and organization as one of the most important aspects of their prosperous.

So it can be obvious that the leadership topic is very extensive topic, it includes a lot of factors. Another thing which is connected with leadership is about taking risk. It is well-known fact that that entrepreneurship and ability to take risk looks like synonyms. At lessons students are being told that an entrepreneurship is the ability to take risk. Entrepreneurial activity is accompanied by risk. Person who is risk-averse can not work as a businessman. There is no calm life without any threats for a person who is connected with business. In general, taking risk is very dangerous, but businessman can benefit a lot from taking the risks.

Another main trait character of a person who is connected with business is the ability to talk with clients and employees and make them interested, it is very essential in 21st century. Communication skills are the main focus of any leader in any sphere. A person can not be a leader without the ability to communicate with people. It means that communication is the main idea in business aspects. The next point is that people should do what they love. In 21st century in social media and networks a common famous phrase can be found: “Do what you love. Love what you do”.

This is a principle for many young people. If a person has a passion the opportunity to become prosperous is high. As it has been already mentioned setting up a business is difficult. When the business is growing up at first stages entrepreneur in business sphere should work a lot. It shows that only hard working one can be the businessmen. The next point is that to make the business successful it might take a lot time. If a entrepreneur does not like the way and style of business he /she is doing his/ her business will not become prosperous. It is proved by many people and people in 21st century are saying on social networks that people should things they like, what is motivating them to work harder, what bring a happiness.

The another main trait is that an entrepreneur must be able to adapt and to react to new occasions very quickly. Today everything is changing very fast. As a result of that could be IT sector which changes year by year very fast. A business person should be able to react to changes fast in order to be competitive in the labor market. Workers who wish to be involved in leader positions in business spheres should be able to adapt to new things fast. People should know that entrepreneurship is not only about having high income but it also some difficulties. For example, to understand how to be open to new things.

Another thing is being a professional in business sphere future businessman should know that he/ she should regularly pump the knowledge. It means that a person should regularly attend some masterclasses, courses, read appropriate business literature. Being a business person indicates always to look for something new and improve in direction of business. The next feature of a person who wish to carry out business activity must have an optimistic point of view. Having positive attitude is something that is being required from the entrepreneur. Entrepreneur should be optimistic. That person should see the future steps of the firm in a positive way.

Nowadays there is even a direction in psychology which tells to be positive. In western countries it is not a surprise for people, especially for some businessmen to go to psychologist. A common advice of the psychologist for every one today is being positive. The employer should be optimistic, because in difficult time when the firm is not achieving the target or a common task, the leader should be the one who will cheer up the workers and go ahead and fulfil the goal in the next month. In addition the entrepreneur at first steps of career have to know that the business might fail, that he /she has to work hard. According to the statistic many businesses fail in the first year of the existence.

The main cause of that is a big level of competition and that many areas in current days are already taken and it is often very difficult to be successful in the sphere where there are other companies which are existing for many years. The businessman should be a social person. Today it is obvious that social networks are influencing a lot in our lives. It is thought to be that one of the popular and easiest way to promote the product is social networks. This means that in order to fit modern conditions a businessman has to know how to attract the audience through social networks.

The most popular social networks for promoting goods are YouTube, Instagram and others. The courses about the attracting the internet audience are becoming popular year by year. This is not surprisingly, because the interest of people in social media is increasing, more people in the world have the access to the internet. An advertisement in the social media is one of the best advertisement, because many people will be able to see it. The another thing that a prosperous entrepreneur should have is the passion for knowledge. Being a businessman means that a person should want to know everything by himself/herself. Nobody will help him or her, nobody will not set up the business and make it successful for him or her. Only the person by his own should create his own success. A businessman should be interested in everything what is happening around, he should ask many questions and be interested.

One of the main character that a person who is involved in business should have is creativity. Creativity it is something which is very important for any type of business in any spheres. In many countries people from the HR department firstly look at the background of a candidate, then on the communication and the final aspect of accepting the candidate at work or not is creativity skills. A good leader must have not only excellent communication skills and be a person who can motivate the employees, but also a creative manager. Creative manager will make the tasks for workers more interesting, as an effect employees being more interested and motivated will achieve better results.

In conclusion it can be said that being an entrepreneur is a difficult task. Being a successful entrepreneur is much more difficult task. It had been mentioned earlier in this essay many business areas are already taken and to become successful in a certain area a person must be a genius, he should be smart enough, passionate about the result, be a good leader, have a perfect communication skills.

Sometimes it is also luck. But in many cases it is not about the luck, it is about the kind of character, like hard working and being able to change quickly according to modern circumstances. In my personal point of view the most important thing about being an entrepreneur is that a person should like what he is doing. In many countries young generation consider being entrepreneur as something very cool, but in the reality it is not about that it is first of all hard working, it is being active and brave. I know that in many countries young people are not going to universities, because they think that being a businessman is better, so they give up their bachelor education and start to do the first steps in a business career.

Mostly this end by fail, because many young people do not have certain characteristics to develop themselves in career as a businessman. Young people wishing to start a business should take under the consideration the experience of people who are already successful. One of the easiest way to achieve something is to look at people who already have an experience in that field. In general, I think that people mostly fail because they do not know what the entrepreneur is. Young people at age of 18, when they finish school do not know what they want in this life and whom they want to be. Not everybody was born for this profession. Some people was born to be singers, actors, musicians and some to be entrepreneurs.

The main kind of character that person should have is the leadership skills. Leadership skills is a wide topic to discuss. Leadership skills mean a good management, perfect time-management, ability to think quickly and in short period of time make right decisions. In my personal opinion to be a successful entrepreneurship at first a person need a passion, he should love the future business job, then he should be hardworking, motivated, have perfect leadership skills and one of the most important thing is that he should understand that being a businessman it is not about being cool, it is about being fearless and active enough to achieve the goals. Person will never reach a success without passion and hard work.

To sum up everything which was mentioned earlier, entrepreneur must have many particular characteristics. Perfect entrepreneur is a person who has first of all desire, passion, leadership skills and being open and organized. In my personal point of view this 5 main traits of character are the key of success.


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