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What is My Cultural Identity?

“My culture is my identity and personality. It gives me spiritual, intellectual and emotional distinction from others, and I am proud of it.” – M.F Moonzager The quote above, said by M.F Moonzager, the author of “The Journalist: Attack on the Central Intelligence Agency” could not be more true. Your culture is your lifestyle, your…

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Cultural Identity,

Self Analysis

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Cultural Identity of Latin Kings Gang

Latin Kings subscribe to “kingism” or identify themselves as “Kingists” which is a particular code of practicing pride. The kings know more about the political, social, and economic oppression targeted towards Latinos. Such awareness motivates their determination to uplift their people. On the other hand, a cultural group is a set of people who share…


Cultural Identity,


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Relation between Culture and Identity

Identity, culture, lifestyle, and personality are inextricably linked. Our values and cultural traditions and ideas are all linked to our identity and the way we present ourselves one way or another. Whether it is a cultural expectation of gender, religious affiliation, or sexual orientation other identities are always being questioned, judged and sometimes taken as…

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Personal Identity

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Difference in Cultural Patterns

Cultural Identity is described as the identity of feeling of belonging to a group. It is part of a person’s self-conception of self-perception and is related to nationality, ethnicity, religion, social class, generation locality or any kind of social group that has its own distinct culture. In this film Soul Food the film starts off…

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Cultural Identity,


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Postcolonial Identity Argumentative Essay

“The postcolonial artist is a mirror distorted by history” (Njami, 2012:25). Simon Njami further expresses that the questions confronting artists from formerly colonized nations manage the assortment of pictures readily available. With reference to this statement by Njami, this examination paper intends to explore specific works by the contemporary African artist, Yinka Shonibare, trying to…



Cultural Identity

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Self-Analysis: Paradigm Shift of Bicultural Identity

When my brother, Arnold, was diagnosed with ADHD and depression, it came as a complete shock and redefined my perspective on what it meant to have a mental health condition, especially since we’re Korean. Being raised in a Korean household, upholding a good reputation is a core value. My father has always instilled the importance…

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Personal Experiences,

Self Analysis

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Ethnic Identity of Persons of Color

Ethnic identity involves an individual’s belonging to a certain race, tribe, or color which may be based on a specific social or cultural group. Ethnic identity has been an aspect of concern in the current times due to its importance in diverse disciplines (Sue W. & Sue D., 2015). These include psychology, delivery of healthcare…

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Ethnic Identity,


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Generational and Cultural Identity In Novels Of Amy Tan Narrative Essay

Abstract Amy Tan is one of the most inspiring Asian American writer, her work reflects importance of being a women, identity of culture and her relationship with her mother. In her first novel The Joy Luck Club (1989) she explained cultural contrast along with emotional trauma on the characters throughout the novel . In her…

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Identity and Acculturation as Adaptation in Society

Symbolic integrationists believe that the identity is not an objective fact, but it is built through multiple interactions between the social actors. In the integrationist view, the concept of self is built and changed within our social life. Cooley came up with the theory that the self develops in relation to the other people as…

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Writing an essay on cultural identity may sound like a rather simple task. After all, most people have been affected by their culture since early childhood. Unfortunately, in many cases, such self-identification is missed due to multiple factors. As a result, many learners struggle to explain their identities properly.

To write a decent text dedicated to the topic, they have to research multiple cultural identity essay examples. If you have an assignment to write a cultural identity essay, we strongly recommend you rely on such tactics. After researching numerous real-life stories, you will understand how to structure your work and which aspects of the topic to highlight. You may also get inspiration to research your ethnicity and its peculiarities. Remember that such texts are highly personal and depend on your experience. This means that you should not just borrow the ideas from essay samples. Instead, use such ideas to kickstart your own creativity and create a top-quality paper.


What is Cultural Identity?

A person’s awareness of his own belonging to any community, which allows him to understand his place in the socio-cultural space and freely navigate in the world around him, is associated with the concept of cultural identity.

Cultural identity is a person’s sense of belonging to a particular culture. Each person needs a certain regulation of his life, which he can find only in the community of other people, which determines the existence of cultural identity.

The essence of cultural identity is that a person consciously accepts appropriate cultural norms and patterns of behavior, value orientations and language. Cultural identity contributes to the understanding of one’s own self from the position of cultural characteristics accepted in the given society, self-identification with its cultural patterns.

In modern society the relevance of the problem of preserving cultural identity has increased. The intensification of the processes of globalization, cultural integration, the expansion of contacts between representatives of different countries and cultures leads to the gradual erasure of the boundaries of national cultures and the loss of cultural identity. Standardization of cultural patterns, brought by the rapid spread of mass culture, has led to the fact that people began to wear the same jeans, listen to the same music, watch the same movies, follow the same fashion trends. Globalization damages national cultures, traditions, customs, myths, and everything that defines the cultural identity of any country or any region. The active penetration into the lives of most people of mass culture, which tends to be associated with American culture, raises the question of cultural expansion and the Americanization of culture, behind which are often the interests of multinational corporations. American culture will be imposed on the entire world, leading to its standardization and the destruction of the rich landscape of cultural diversity[1]. This in turn entails a loss of cultural identity and the construction of many cultures along U.S. cultural patterns.

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