Citizenship in Saudi Arabia

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Unlike traditional political system in countries like Saudi Arab, where the conception of dual citizenship is nearly impossible and slaves, vassals, whose social status implies hierarchy and domination amongst the nation. On the other hand, Modern nations, such as Singapore, supports citizenships and citizens are giving certain rights and freedom, which helps shapes the individual’s identity and their relationship with the nation. According to the research, I prefer to live in Singapore. There is peace and tranquillity in Singapore, unlike many other nations which are torn apart by strife and war, by economical disasters, by unnecessary punishments, Singapore is peaceful. In comparison to Saudi Arabia, Singaporen government demonstrates tolerance and harmony. The leaders of Singapore encourages a positive attitude to instill harmony between the people we would not be able to live side by side with. This positive encouragement allows citizens of Singapore to appreciate diverse cultures refine their perceptions.

Saudi Arabia’s government is keen to protect its reputation and does not want to compromise its cultural values or standard of living by allowing foreigners to become a permanent part of society. For this reason, applying for a citizenship in Saudia Arabia is very difficult, the only route to becoming a naturalised citizen is by marriage to a national. However, Singapore is the complete opposite, they freely welcome other nationalities to participate and are proud to have a diverse people who shares their positive relationship with the country.

Citizens of Singapore are free to do their work, pursue their dreams, educate themselves and enjoy all the basic rights and obligations that the individual deserves. On the other hand, Saudi citizens are forced to live in a society that implies hierarchy and domination based on one’s social standing. The highest goal of the Singaporoen government is the survival and prosperity of this small nation, this also means that the citizens are usually very involved in the decision making process. The political system of Singapore strongly believes in everyone being proactive and thinking for the future. Whereas in Saudi Arabia, the basic human rights are being violated by the corrupted political system which discrimates against minorty population.

Saudi government is slowly beginning to recognize the positive outcomes of being a multicultural nation but there are no major contribution at this moment. In my preference, I would live in a country that has an established multicultural background, or a friendly and fair approach toward diverse cultures, beliefs,values and religion. Singapore’s racial and ethinic fabric is a unique blend of cultures and people from various parts of the world. Singapore’s lifestyle is multicultural with various etnic communities maintaining their unique way of life and at the same time living harmoniously by sharing their values among the nation. Unlike Saudi Arabia, where they contunue to sentence thier citizens to be punished by torture for offences, often following unfair trials and failing to recognize basic rights and obligations.

In conclusion, I personally believe that living in a society that recognizes the basic human rights such as freedom of speech, freedom of expression, right to vote, right to protection is very crucial. All of those rights are being violated in Saudi Arabia, and this is very dangerous. Being a citizen of Saudi Arabia is not worth it if you are not serve with the essential needs that can support your survival.


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