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The Con of Abortion

Abortion remains a heavily controversial topic. A recent headline read “You Can’t Give a Lethal Injection to Murderers in New York, But You Can Give One to an Unborn Baby.” Have you really thought about what abortion is and what it means to have one? Mr. Ronald Reagan stated, “I’ve noticed that everyone who is…


Against Abortion

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Abortion is Wrong

Introduction An abortion is the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy, usually during the first 28 weeks of the pregnancy. Women usually have abortions because they aren’t ready to take on the responsibility of being a parent, as well as various other reasons. Having an abortion not only hurt those who get them, but family,…


Against Abortion

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Negative Effect of Abortion

A shocking statistic has revealed that in the United States alone 3,000 pregnancies are terminated every single day. That is an astounding 4 abortions for every 10 pregnancies. An even more appalling recently surfaced statistic is that nearly half of all pregnancies in the US are unintended. But even worse, this problem is not only…


Against Abortion

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