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Birth Control Should be a Free

Birth Control is the act of preventing pregnancy whether it be by using condoms, IUD devices, medical procedures and medicines referred to as the “pill”. In the modern day of 2018, birth control should be seen as a reproductive liberty. It is a way to give women of legal age control of what they want…

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Reproductive System

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Cons of Birth Control

”The practice of preventing unwanted pregnancies, especially by use of contraception.” Having children is one of the most beautiful experiences a woman can go through, but having an unplanned pregnancy isn’t always exciting. Margret Sanger, a birth control activist, was the first to open up a birth control clinic in the United States and familiarize…

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Reproductive System

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Methods and Types of Birth Control

Birth control is the usage of different apparatus or devices, agents, sexual practices, drugs, or procedures that are performed surgically so as to intercept get pregnant or conception thus enabling people to prefer when they will be having an offspring. There are various reasons as to why women want to plan for their families which…

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Linking Cervical Cancer to the Use of Birth Control Pills

Introduction Cervical cancer arises when cervix cells grow irregularly and spread deeper into the cervix and targets other tissues and organs within the body (Bosch & Lorincz, 2002). Recent studies have shown that women who have been taking oral contraceptives like birth control pills, can have an increased likelihood of obtaining cervical cancer. Long term…

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Reproductive System

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Birth Control and the Human Population 

The United States population is growing and since there is not way to actually stop the population growth, there are ways to prevent the unplanned pregnancies of the teenage world. Those prevention’s would be birth control. Birth Control is the act of preventing pregnancy. Getting pregnant at a young age is not what most people…

Birth Control,

Population Growth,

Reproductive System

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Should Birth Control Be Free

A recent debate in our community has been whether birth control should be free. Free birth control could significantly improve the quality of life, not only for women who otherwise could not afford it, but for entire communities According to local doctors, birth control is a form of preventative health care that can save lives….

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Reproductive System

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Birth Control and the American Dream 

The American dream is not something that one wishes to achieve one day but it is something one is willing to work hard for. It consists of hard work and says that anyone from any class, religion or race can achieve a family, house, car, and a good job if they really want it and…

American Dream,

Birth Control,

Reproductive System

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Importance of Birth Control for Women

Can you afford to have a large family or a family at all? Can you support yourself, your spouse, and your child or children? If you can, do you want to have or start a family already or just not yet? Birth control is a solution, but not everybody can afford it. Women are the…

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Reproductive System

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Should Birth Control be an over the Counter Medication

Throughout the year, there’s about 87 million females who unintentionally get pregnant. One of the main causes in pregnancy is the lack of contraceptives and there’s an estimated 220 million women who don’t have access to any. Birth control is one of the 15 different types of contraceptives available to the public. With proper use,…

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Reproductive System

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Birthrate and Aging Issues in Japan

Recently, the declining birthrate and aging population problems are becoming a significant social argument. According to *JICA, this trend has accelerated since the beginning of the 21st century, at the same time it causes some serious social issues. Also, this fact has the greatest impact on today’s Japanese society. (Kazihara, H. 2006) This essay will…


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Birth control had picked up the importance when it was felt that the population was increasing irregularly. There are many countries like China, India, Pakistan, etc., where the need for birth control is high compared to many other countries. All such nations are taking steps for birth control, and it is the need of the hour. Here we can guide you if you want to write a Birth Control essay. We have the best writers for such topics, and you are more than welcome to read all the samples which will ultimately lead you in writing a birth control argumentative essay. We always target to provide the most authentic and reliable data to our readers, and this is what you will get from the sample essays. After studying the samples, you will find yourself better positioned to write an essay on birth control. We urge you to have a look into it, and you will never be disappointed by our quality essays.

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