Ethnic Prejudice and Stereotypes and Ways to Reduce Their

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Ethnic Prejudice and Stereotypes and Ways to Reduce Their essay
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Ethnic prejudice and stereotype are some of the problems that happen in society today. Pettigrew and Meertens (1995) have found that blatant prejudice (Bp) to represent the traditional forms of refusal and subtle prejudice (Sp) is to show the latent forms of discrimination. By the scientific study, the researchers want to determine the correlation between knowledge of ethnic stereotypes and level of prejudice.

The main problem that the research wants to investigate the ethnic stereotypes and prejudice toward the Africans (black people) and the relationships between Italian university students with and without friends that from other ethnic groups (Rosella Falanga, Maria Elvira De Caroli, Elisabetta Sagone. 2014). Throughout the research, they found that the education institution that provides the specific educational program such as interethnic contact has decreased the stereotypes and prejudice toward black people. Moreover, the people who have the friends from the different ethnic group have the lower Sp and Bp compared to others.

After the study, there are 153 students and they have been categorized into 2 groups which are 69 students with friends from the other ethnic group and 80 students without friends from the other ethnic group. The students were asked to of themselves in the job and they need to select the job to the different ethnic, which are Italian and Black people. The jobs are divided into 2 groups which are prestigious-intellectual jobs (dentist, doctor and so on) and practical manual jobs (truck driver, sweeper and so on). Even, the students also asked to assign the positive and negative traits to both the Italian and black people.

The study was completed and with concluded that 60% of Subtle (the people with high Bp but low Sp) has assigned the prestigious-intellectual jobs to the Italian while practical manual jobs were assigned to Black people. The students have been questioned, and they did a stereotype on the Black people that their culture has taught them more skills that related to the practical manual jobs. Through the end of a study, the researcher also found that most of the students assign the positive trait such as courageous(83.9%), honest(81.9%), keep promises(79.9%) to black, however, the Italian have been assigned to the negative trait such as busybody(78.5%), use bad language(84.6%), nervous(87.2%).


The researchers have found that the interethnic friendship affected only the attribution of the “submissive” trait; students with friends belonging to other ethnic groups assigned less this negative characteristic to the Africans than students without friends belonging to other ethnic groups. On jobs, most of the students without friends belonging to other ethnic groups assigned the practical-manual job of “street cleaner” to the Africans, and most of the university students with friends from other ethnic groups attributed the prestigious intellectual job of dancers to the Africans.

Ethnic Prejudice and Stereotypes and Ways to Reduce Their essay

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