Black Feminist Thoughts

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To begin with, this research will be giving outstanding information about the book “Black Feminist Thoughts”. The pages that will be introduced in this research are 10- 12. The pages that will be explained is about the politics on black women. Also, the main argument will consist the cruel society between black vs white women . The theory of this research will focus on the basic outlook and visualization on how black women is negative as well. Lastly, the research will be obtaining information on the issues on how politics structure on black women.


In, the pages that was research obtained a lot of information that was very interesting. However, the main argument of this research will be known as “The cruel ignorant society of the whites vs black women as a whole and how they are labeled as a negative and un unique aspect that will never be justified ”. While going over this research it was so many outstanding details as to why the Caucasian always view black women as a whole differently from the white , Hispanic , Indian, Chinese , and other race of women. The cruel ignorant society of the white seek how black women are defined as weak, poor, doesn’t have a certain routine that make them “ unique “ as the whites, Hispanics, Indians , Chinese , and other races. Black women were never be giving the spotlight for once because the white society never wanted black women to be great. The US society is justified as being traditional because they are scared to change the ways and will never consider having the mindset. The theory that will guide this argument is Labeling theory.

Although, in the section of chapter 11 explain conflict theory, Labeling theory was more visualized in this main argument. “Black Feminist Thoughts “gave the impression of being in one negative aspect throughout the entire reading section. The chapters 10-12 was imaged as all black women being the same and suppose to have a traditional mindset to stay in their own lane. Weather its good or bad black women cannot be great or equal like another race. Chapter 10, was objected as a trait feminist go through in the US. Chapter 10 is basically visualized as an intersectionality paradigm. The intersectionality is based on the knowledge and empowerment of society vs black women. Black women will always be the key of intersectional. Chapter 10 specify the “Black women’s poverty on pgs 239-241 , Black women and Mother – child families on pg 241-245 Groups , Coalitions , and Transversal politics on pg 245-249 Secondly, Chapter eleven focuses on the.

Matter of fact, on page 251 focuses on seeking an image. that the black women are only special to other things than have knowledge. Chapter eleven is known as “Black Feminist Epistemology “and the social theory as well as by stating diffusion. Chapter eleven also states that black women shouldn’t be accounted for sex, housewives, political structure to disagree for the enjoyment. Chapter eleven explains the ethics by providing the personal accountability. Chapter 11 talks briefly about Knowledge validation thoughts process and US. Relations of Power on pg 253-256, The use of dialogue in Assessing knowledge claims, The ethics of caring pg( 262- 265) , The ethics of personal Accountability 265-266 , Black common of agents knowledge pg (266-269), Towards truth pg.( 269 ). Lastly, chapter 12 is “Towards a politics of empowerment “which rely on the politics of the enjoyment aspects and how black women as going beyond their limit. Moreover, the black women are known as the women that “never stop asking questions” Chapter 12 portray black disciplinary domain of power as well which “ white man” doesn’t agree with good job because of the ways that make them not last long. Chapter 12 also explain specific information such as “structural domain power pg. (277-280), A disciplinary domain of power pg. (280 -283), The Hegemonic domain of power pg. ( 283 – 286), and Interpersonal domain of Power pg. ( 287- 288) , and The politics of empowerment pg. (288- 290 ). The sections from chapter 10-12 intertwine with the main argument because it involves the concepts on how black women is portrayed differently in society with black women.

Literature Review

“Black women scholars and professionals cannot afford to ignore the straits of our sisters who are acquainted with the immediacy of oppression in a way many of us are not. The process of empowerment cannot be simplistically defined in accordance with our own class interests. We must learn to lift as we climb”. (Davis, 1989: 227). The direct quote portrayed with the main argument by critiquing how black women is known for something that they are not and how society cannot ignore the fact. Black women scholars are well minded when it come to knowledge and wisdom. However, the society “whites” doesn’t utilize us as they do other race women such as whites, Indians, Hispanics , and etc and that is why black women is labeled for the opposite and go through intersectionality because the white men is the cause of it .

According to Katie G. Cannon , on pg.251, states how a young lady and her mother walk somewhere in society and the little girl basically formally asked her mother that a man isn’t supposed to hit a lion and her mother replied by explaining how the man “ white man” made that statute. The citied information intertwines with the main argument because it shows how the white man have control over stuff he builds. As in justifying black women and thinking they have the right to control or say how black women are due to slavery. The white men have been giving too much power therefore, it makes black women powerless than other women because slavery era. According to Andersen& Collins, 1998, seek that black women experience in sexual activities and hetero sexuality is looked at differently than other races because it can be deviant.

However, society image white women and Puerto Ricans as more exciting and unique. This citied information pertains to the main argument because it shows how even when black women express their nudity or sex relationships is expected of us but if a white women or any other race experience the same situation it will be defined as shocking or exciting. “The image of the African woman in the mind of the world has been set: she is breeding too many children she cannot take care of, and for whom she should not expect other people to pick up the tab. She is hungry, and so are her children. In fact, it has become a cliché of Western photojournalism that the African woman is old beyond her years; she is half-naked; her drooped and withered breasts are well exposed; there are flies buzzing around the faces of her children; and she has a permanent begging bowl in her hand.”( Aidoo , et al 1998 ).

This amazing quote gave a visual of the main argument on how black women is always considered poor and can’t take care of their children. Society give this thought as to black women can survive in poverty but the white women with their rich husbands can provide for their children and live high class like the” Trumps”. Whites is the reason why black women are being carried as this negative aspect in society and the mindset will stay that way until black women step up with the freedom of speech. Gold &Richards (2012), explains the labeling on how young black children is categorized as being bad or don’t care for their education because they are absent . This scholarly article relates to the main argument because if that was a black vs white young child, they are females. The teachers will anatomically label the black young girl as saying she doesn’t care about her relationship because her and the mother live in a low-class environment.

However, the white young girl will be labeled positive because her parents are together and her, they live in the middle-class environment and may have doctor’s appointment for her absent. Jones (2019), related to gay black women and how they are justified and labeled as a criminal for dating outside of her gender. The scholarly article gives a message on how black women cant express who they are in todays society, but white women can and will not be identified or looked at negative. Fuentes ( 2018 ), imageries society as if they cant protect their children .

Being a lack mother can be considered hard and its not fair that a black motherhood can be labeled negatively than white women and their motherhood because of the characteristics on how they choose to protect their children. Longmire& Robinson ( 2018) , recognizes the statistics who will suffer from depression quickly either black or white women in a psychology survey and obviously the survey stated the black women will be the first to experience anxiety. It is wrong how objectively black women must label as getting depressed easily however, white women don’t have that problem of being justified as crazy. Watkins (2016), realized that Appropriately encircling and naming the scholarly and political convention of Black ladies has become challenged landscape and mirrors the political and ideological assorted variety and differences among black women.

Black women are frequently treated as though they are a homologous gathering when they are various in their political awareness, points of view, thoughts and duties as any other gathering. Black women are targeted and labeled differently because we are outcasted in society. Herminingrum (2012), saw black women being labeled as salves still. The community labeled black women differently through the dynamic’s viewpoints. Black women shouldn’t have to be labeled as something that they are not especially in their communities. Browdy (2018), portrays a significant concepted on how black women is being labeled and feminist attacking because they feel uncomfortable and looking for justice. Ramsey (2016), explains black mothers are bad and welfare information. Black women are labeled bad mothers because they are single parents. Society think black mothers being on welfare will harm their children and want to do it because of selfish reasoning. While white people will not be labeled as anything because of the race. Kvasney & Payton (2018), suggested looking to doing a HIV practice on black women in college. Black women are accountable for the most to receive HIV and being labeled as a hoe because black females are portrayed as easy access with sexual intercourse and that’s how we are labeled in that situation.

Theory Analysis

Moreover, the theory that was objected in the main argument was Labeling theory. Labeling theory is stated as choosing Labeling theory gave an outstanding aspect while reading sections 10-12 because it gave myself the initiative to realizes that women are always labeled as a negative thought. Black women can never be great personally and the society will never justify it because they fear breaking a tradition. Labeling black women but not whites have always been an argument in my opinion. US black women will forever have a negative label until someone speak up.

Criticism of the Section from 10-12

Surprisingly, there was mostly weakness than strengths while reading these assigned pages. I noticed that the assigned pages were basically dealing with how women are basically defined as being negative and something that they are not. The strength that I have developed was finding articles that would match that my argument. Realizing that black women think this way and feel like an outcast to society is interesting. Black women also have this concept as being labeled as dumb, poor, bad mothers, whores etc. Black women will never have the main spotlight and be equal with the other race women. It is sad that the society label and categorize black in that way. The weakness was trying to figure how to put it all together. Within the argument I noticed that its different ways black women can be categorized in a harmful and negative way which is bad. I wanted to portray the theory in a way that the reader will understand within this theory.

Policy /Implications

Although, within this society, believing that black can have a positive label on them can be possible. Starting up a feminist program all over the US will help define and structure black in a great way. The program should be called “Black women Power” because women in todays society have the mindset of fear and think that the man knows best however the man doesn’t know best. Black women have always been empowered many ways, we just haven’t took the initiative to go for and strive for better. Black women are smart and intelligent in so many ways that white women and other race will want to follow in our footsteps but its up the the black women to step up. The “ Black Women Power “ program can be for all ages and we will mentor and go out to different women that love to build up events for empowerment for black women and seek help for women that is shy to embrace their inner creativity.


Furthermore, I have summarized everything throughout the essay. I have giving the objectives within the chapter that I was assigned which was chapters 10-12. For each section, it was interesting information that gave me the idea for the argument. The main argument that was portrayed was how the cruel ignorant society of the whites vs black women as a whole and how they are labeled as a negative and un unique aspect that will never be justified. I pertained five quotes from the section and ten scholarly articles as well relating to the argument. The theory was discussed which as well was known as labeling theory and how it was visualized within the argument. I stated the criticism and policy/ implications as well by stating the weakness and strengths. Lastly, I recognized the outcome with explain the implication for establishing a program called “Black girl Power”.


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