Essay on Immigration in Canada

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Immigration is a very controversial topic in Canada, many believe our system is flawed and unfair or that it’s too hard. But is an easy system a good thing when deciding who should be accepted into our country? Is accepting people who will benefit little to society but are going to use great amounts of our medical resources worth it? Our system is based off of what will benefit Canada and it should be, therefore it is quite fair.

Saving those around the world from danger and persecution is no doubt important, but when it comes to our economy and the current citizens of Canada, we need to act in the best interests of Canadians. I believe that it is completely fair to choose Economic Immigrants and Family class over Refugees and or others. The classes that will benefit society besides population are first priority when accepting and this must happen. I disagree with the “other” class because if you can truly benefit to society then you should be able to fit into the economic immigrants class. I don’t think our system really needs to change other than our attitudes towards it.

Health is a major concern when accepting refugees fleeing from danger and persecution in their home countries. If an immigrant of any class has a major sickness that could cause harm to our society and use major medical resources then they should be declined from entering or put into special treatment center if there is a cure. The government needs to conduct thorough examinations that can give doctors a good understanding of the person’s health concerns if there are any and if they do the health and safety risk of Canadians. I believe that our immigration system in regards to health and safety could be improved but for the most part it is pretty decent.

The refugee program may be most flawed part of our immigration system. I believe that people coming from war filled countries should not be integrated into Canadian society until receiving psychological treatment or therapy. Many refugee children and teenagers struggle to fit in or even communicate and lack social skills. In my school alone there has been numerous conflicts between them and my friends because of misunderstandings or just because they feel like picking a fight with us. They are being taught english and getting education which I believe they are somewhat succeeding in but their behaviours are not acceptable. Our current system definitely needs to be improved in this aspect of immigration.

To conclude, I think our Immigration system is headed in the right direction in regards to accepting people into Canada. However, the way we try to integrate them into our society needs improvement or our refugee program will bring our entire system downhill.

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