Environmental Industry as a Form of Environmental Protection

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Environmental protection is a cause and the new environmental protection law clarifies that the local people’s government should be the responsible of environmental protection. In fact, environmental protection is a by-product of urbanization and industrialization. Without industrialization and urbanization, there is no need of environmental protection. The environmental industry is industrial form of environmental protection. With urbanization, they should be the attachment relationship between skin and wool.

It has always been said that the environmental industry is a wonderful work in the industry sector:

  • Until the era of environmental industry 1.0, the franchise model emerged, enterprises began to provide users with environmental effects, and quantitative billing according to environmental effects, when the environmental enterprise’s products are environmental effects, the industry is called the environmental industry.
  • In the era of environmental industry 2.0, driven by three ten guidelines (ten atmospheres, ten waters and ten soils), the industry began to pursue comprehensive services, driven by quality and guided by results.
  • In the beginning of the era of environmental industry 3.0, the three-dimensional green transformation service industry green transformation, urban green development creates environmental value increment for customers. During this, the environmental industry is not only limited to the governance of “points” and “faces”, but is an integrated and systematic service closely linked to the interests of society, economy and people.
  • The era of environmental industry 4.0, is also known as the two-mountain industry era. To truly implement the concept of ‘green water and green mountains is the Jinshan Yinshan’, we must constantly create incremental value.

The 40-year reform of the Chinese economy has moved forward in the midst of change, and it has been attached to the rapidly growing urbanization and industrialized environmental industries, and has therefore never been finalized. With the advent of ecological civilization, all industries in the future will be green. At that time, the environmental industry with the end management as the core will disappear, and the replacement will be the two-mountain industry with the recycling value creation as the core.

The Two mountain economic theory is a theoretical tool to realize the value of the two mountains. Under the awareness of ecological civilization human society recognizes the indirect and long-term effects of social problems and natural disasters on their own interests, some economic entities begin to express their responsibilities beyond short-term interests through different means.

Summarizing the development of the environmental industry and the good time of the environmental industry are actually very short. It turned out to be a pseudo-industry for the government and industry to paint the Taiping. This pseudo-industry has just come to a seemingly real pillar industry, the government’s ability to pay has begun to decline and the industry began to fall.

The high valuation of the environmental industry is only a short period of five years, which is very uneasy for the environmental industry. This presentation described the environmental industry as not being based on the rational needs of users in which local governments and industrial enterprises are forced to make purchases.

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